Points shy, it should be a cry: “you more than words.”

  Then he turned around and looked at Yang Wei, patted his shoulder and said: “Go to sleep.”
  In fact, he could see red blood Yang Wei in the eyes, that he is not in time, Yang Wei certainly nice not good.
  How can we getting it?
  Day counting the billions of outflows go astray on the loser.She worried her side, side to worry about the company, but also how sleep well?
  Like him inside, he could not see her, and worried about the situation outside, the mental state is about to collapse.
  Today renowned for two people as a reassuring, no matter what happens in the future, seem to have no relationship.Song Zhe Yang Wei relying on, she gradually sleep in the past, Song Zhe Yang Wei listening to the sound of breathing, feel that this seems to be the world’s best lullaby, he closed his eyes and went to sleep in the past.
  Gao Lin looked back cling to the two people he did not know why, suddenly to feel a little sour eyes.
  Song Zhe is woken Gao Lin, Song Zhe first opened his eyes and saw the car has been parked in the home’s garage.Gao Lin small channel: “Sir, the home.”
  Song Zhe, slow the slow, they woke up to God, he nodded his head, and woke Yang Wei.Yang Wei and some confused, Song Zhe altogether: “I hold you