Green road warrior 8 three-pointers 40 + 10 negative Lillard pioneer 1-2

  Ticker May 8, the Blazers back home to 120-108 victory over the Warriors, the score will be chasing the series 1-2。
  Blazers general Damian – Lillard 8 13 three-pointers, scored 40 points, 10 assists and five rebounds, Al – Aminu had 23 points and 10 rebounds, CJ- Mike Koren Farm 22 points, Allen bench – ct than 10 points, Ed – Davis 8 points and 10 rebounds。 [] Warriors failed comeback in the case of the fourth quarter behind 20 points, Craig – Thompson 5 of 9 shooting three-pointers, scored 35 points, Bradley Richmond – Green pointers 8 of 12 shots, scored 37 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists bench Leonard – 10. Barbosa。   Previous two games, the Warriors in the case of a small library of a triumph。 Warriors battle to lead the first 20 minutes, the audience did not give the opponent the opportunity。 In the second game, the Warriors first section behind the double-digit, when up to 17 points behind, but in the fourth quarter of their force, or complete comeback。
  Curry can rest at ease, but the Warriors playing ring true, very ugly face on the sidelines in the library。   Thompson first to hit, then twice in the third succeeded, the Warriors 10-5 to start, Thompson, a man got 8 points。
Warriors after opening several mistakes, missed a good opportunity to widen the gap。
The middle section, Thompson and Green hit third in succession after leading the Warriors to 16-9。 Lillard also to third twice, Portland chasing the score 16-18。 Thompson and also to the third, the Warriors maintain our competitive edge to 28-22 over the first quarter。 This section Thompson went 4 5 three-pointers, one scored 18 points, while Lillard had 11 points for Houston。
  Section Lillard keep the hot hand, and Warriors hit rate has dropped。 The middle section, after Aminu third hit, Trail Blazers to a 37-34 beyond。
Green also to a ball, the gap to one minute and, Lillard continuous succeeded, one with 5 points, Portland to slightly widen the gap 42-36。
This section concludes with 2 minutes 07 seconds, Aminu and Lillard have voted in the third, the Blazers hit 12-2 after one fell swoop opened the gap to 58-46。   Lillard feel hot, the first half-7 pointers 5, 25 points, 7 Thompson pointers from 4, scored 24 points。   Warriors in the case of backward and take a small lineup, allowing Green to play center, once achieved good results。
Three minutes after the start of the third quarter, Green hit two consecutive three-pointers, chasing the score 56-63, but the Warriors defense has problems, Aminu and Henderson have also to third, the Blazers hit 12- 4, when more than half of this section will widen the gap to 75-60。
Green again also to third, in this section, he hit five three-pointers, one scored 19 points, however, the Warriors still 80-93 behind the first three quarters。
  Trail Blazers continue to expand in the fourth quarter advantage, this section there are 7 minutes 20 seconds, in Lillard hit in the cast, they lead by 20 points to 105-85。
Warrior continuous shot, forced into a corner, not previously voted in Barnes 5 finally hit a third, and the third line hit stepping Barbosa, warriors in 68 seconds with 7 points, the present when the festival more than half chasing the score 92-105, forcing Blazers called timeout。
  After the game continues, Barnes layup to narrow the gap to 11 points, the game appeared suspense。 Pointer with 3 minutes 11 seconds, Green hit a ball, the Warriors to 99-111 backward。
Lillard immediately thirds vote, but also long shot third succeeded Green。
They began to exchange that after Lillard hit third again, Green foul, two free throws, then another ultra-long third succeeded, when the game 1 minute 42 seconds behind the Warriors only to 106-117。
  In the exchange, the Warriors can not continue to close the gap。 3 minutes, the two teams hit a total of 6 three-pointers, the Warriors failed to narrow the gap to single digits, but to accept defeat。 Last minute, the Warriors pulled the Green party and other forces, declaring disarm。
Then let Lillard Blazers end, finally achieved the first victory in this series。

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