hat bullwhip soup, lamb and leek, and then what all things are related, they hate all coming down his stomach, just two days ago, Pei Naochun also had nosebleeds.

  ”Laopei you 杭州桑拿this museum, good.”Lao Zheng thumbs up, say to boast.
  ”.Have something to say, flattery is of no use.”Is it to borrow money, Pei Naochun some confusion, Lao Zheng family and their equal, things have not heard of it to go bankrupt.
  Lao Zheng walked up and down, and finally out of the mouth cruel: “Laopei, you are not children, should know the truth.”
  ”What is the reason?”
  ”Good medicine tastes bitter.”
  Lao Zheng, then faded, Pei Naochun on the amount of help: “So what I have to give medicine, I eat still does not work?”Nothing, that is, the top days nosebleeds, his blood strong, not afraid.
  ”This is not right there next sentence.”Lao Zheng swallowed.
  ”You mean that what resented?”
  ”Not.I mean it is not a man to suffer in silence.”Lao Zheng a bite, say the truth, like the valve is opened, gushing up,” Naochun, I di广州桑拿网d not say that we see something wrong, we are all man Well, what each other good taboo, I’ll take you to see a doctor!”
  Outside, Peizheng Xiong’s body shook, and some white face look, Pei Shaoyang busy hold a grandfather, two hearts are with the terrible answer why his father suddenly such a big change?Why did he stay at home suddenly self-cultivation.
  Tumor, or what?Two invariably thought to myself play can take advantage of contacts, looking for doctors.
  Dialogue continues inside the house.
  ”I do not, I told you before, and I died, and it is so, this is a hard white!It’s useless!”
  Pei Zhengxiong hand propped up the wall, broke in the door and wanted to pull his son to see a doctor, he did not dare to go in, he, afraid ah!
  ”How hard it would be white?Medicine is so advanced now, not what disease treatment.”Lao Zheng深圳桑拿网 well-meaning, he can not understand that the problems have not treated people, many injured male pride?He knew that this advice today, chances to friends and