A Collection of Time Management for Working Moms

A Collection of Time Management for Working Moms

A Collection of Time Management for Working Moms

We are mothers and we are busy professional women. We always knock on the computer with one hand and the other with the baby bottle. When we go home late at night, the baby has already entered a sweet dreamland, and our distress is born.

  But we are still fighting mothers. Time is like magic to us. We want a family and we want a career. We either do n’t lose it, because life is so cute, how can we easily give up one party.

Check out moms’ time management collection and cheer for them.

  Bao Dongni: Time is like a sponge. Bao Dongni: Editor daughter watering: 5-year-old Bao Dongni is the editorial director of “Marriage and Family” magazine. She is the mother of a 5-year-old child and a children’s literature writer.

In addition to completing the 20,000-character monthly submission and 5,000-word work quota, since 1991, she has created more than 3 million words in children’s literature in 10 years.

She said that time is like a sponge, and when you squeeze it, it comes out.

  ”The reason why I saved a lot of time is related to my educational concept.

Taking advantage of what is available at home, she can be educated the same, anytime, anywhere.

“Children need to play with grown-ups. Playing with her is a good use of time when cooking. She has to stir salads, cut cucumbers, make batter to make cookies, and do whatever she wants.I made this meal and played with her.

  ”Moms don’t have to take their children to this class or that class. Adults are tired and time-consuming, and they may not be better learners.

“Xiao Pianhuai, a children’s picture painted, has been published in the” Doll’s Pictorial, “and her paintings have surprised professional painters.

However, Xiao Tianhuai had not been in a painting class for a day. My mother thought that there was only one teacher in the painting class, and the children taught were all molds.

  ”Some children have no character and cannot play alone.

When I was working, I trained my child’s self-restraint and character. At the same time, she also created an independent space for her to let everyone know that everyone has their own space and cannot invade others.

And let her know that everyone should have their own space.

“When Bao Dongni was writing at home, she re-daughter said that her mother is now working. Don’t talk to your mother. You can play for a while.

If you are not noisy, your mother will do it quickly, and it will be done in 1 hour, but if you are noisy, if you ca n’t finish it in 4 hours, you can never play with you.

Xiaoduan said, “Okay.”

She went aside to play with building blocks or dolls. She could play with the building blocks for half an hour and build a house with the building blocks. Everyone saw that her space felt particularly good.

When playing with dolls, she gave each doll a gender and personality, and then talked to them like a story.

  Expert comments: Bao Dongni’s time management is mainly used in two ways: First, when entering time, she divides time into herself, children, and two people together.

At the same time, it is also communicated to the child through words and deeds, so that she and the child gradually have a tacit understanding, and each has its own time and space.

  Second, expand the gold content of time.

Taking time to do things is not about paying more for one thing, but more importantly, getting tangible and value-added gains.

Bao Dongni has never worked hard at work or educating children, and every time use has laid a good foundation for the next action.

So she entered a virtuous circle of life development.

  Tip: Use your child’s interests and psychological characteristics to save time in her education.


Children’s intellectual development can be started at home.


Playing with children does not always have to make time, but can play with children while doing things, forming an interactive process.


Mother’s return to work is not a substitute for the child. Depending on how you arrange it, your work may affect him and inspire him with an interest.

  Dai Jing: Making “packages” in life Dai Jing: Consultant Son Daxiong: 7-year-old Dai Jing is a course consultant at the Wall Street English Training Center and the mother of a 7-year-old boy.

She works 6 days a week and 6 hours a day. The course consultant is to sell English courses. The students must answer questions on demand. Therefore, she always works in the morning and ends late, and works more than 6 hours a day.

She said that time is like a piece of land.

She is still busy thinking she is in the entrepreneurial stage.

“Even if you are busy, Dai Jing will exchange a few words with her son every day. One of the questions she often asks is:” How are you today, do you have a little red flower? “The school has established the Little Red Flower Award in terms of study, discipline, and labor, so she can use a simple method to know how her son is doing in school today.

  Although Dai Jing, who is still “starting a business”, did not have as much time as before to enjoy her favorite sports, swimming, skating, and playing table tennis, she now uses another sport instead and gives her anotherKind of feeling.

She uses her home to be closer to the workplace and walks to and from work every day.

After school, her son sometimes spends several hours in the community. She takes time to deliver water and food to her son and walks back and forth.

“This saves both time and exercise.

“Only Sunday, Dai Jing’s family of 3 stayed together.

On this day, in addition to doing housework, the whole family always drives or goes shopping, or goes to the park. On the road, Dai Jing will silently spell the newly learned Pinyin or new words on the glass.

“His father said that half of our education for children was in the car.

“There are signs and billboards on the street, and my son made it clear.

  Expert Comments: The methods adopted by Dai Jing’s time management are: First, do more with one hand.

This is the method most commonly used by people with less time.

Dai Jing organically coordinated work, leisure, physical exercise, education of children, etc., which virtually increased the available time.

  Second, use action to relieve time tension.

Dai Jing not only realizes the tension of time, but also the pressure of age. Relatively speaking, time is more valuable to her.

Dai Jing did not restrict the psychological pressure of “time tension”, and even continued to use actions to increase the utilization of time, which is also an effective way to save time and optimize mood.

  Tip: Use your time to achieve two goals, and take a multi-pronged approach.


Do housework with your brain, you can do more in a short time.


Housework is like playing the piano, you can take care of several aspects at the same time.

  Bai Wenjie: Time manager Bai Wenjie: Human resources manager daughter Yaya: 2-year-old Bai Wenjie has been working for IBM for 8 years, and currently works as a human resources manager. In addition to working 9 to 5 in the morning, he often works overtime and is at workIn addition to participating in the necessary social activities, she has to travel frequently.

Her youngest daughter is just two years old.

Instead, she still gave up in her life.

She said time is like water, like a river, and see how you guide it to irrigate your farmland.

  Bai Wenjie is used to listing the important things to do every morning so that he won’t be interrupted by some less important things, so that he won’t finish the important things by the time of work.

As a professional woman, she said that even if she was busy, she could not give up the cultivation of her temperament and health.

Therefore, she carries out the following arrangements: doing fitness twice a week (swimming, playing tennis or going to the gym), doing beauty treatments every two weeks, and shopping with friends, eating or watching movies, and watching dramas on a weekend every month.

“These are planned and cannot be done at will.

“Her life regularly rolls through her plans and frequencies. Her plans also include traveling with her husband or parents every six months or a year.

  ”Since I am an independent individual at work, I do not agree with being a 100% mother.

When my daughter grows up, I will also tell her that people are independent.

“When Bai Wenjie returned home from work, her daughter was already asleep, but she hoped that she would arrive home every Wednesday evening at 7 pm and spend more time with her daughter this evening.

“From Monday to Friday, my daughter is mostly taken care of by my aunt and aunt, but on Saturday and Sunday, I will bring it all with me. In these two days, I will be a full-time mother.

Her dad is usually busy, but he has a promise to stay with his family on the weekend.

We always go out with a family of three on weekends, which is good for our daughter’s growth.

“At the age of two, Bai Wenjie sent her to kindergarten.

Despite her opposition, she insisted on doing so.

“To let her live a collective life, the child was kept at home from childhood and was actually very lonely.

Parents of our generation have paid too much attention to their children’s intellectual training and ignored the cultivation of emotional intelligence.

In fact, people’s IQ is not different from generation to generation.My daughter’s life and charisma are what I want to focus on.

I also disapprove of giving her a lot of burden since she was a child, and taking her around the school all day long.

Children’s learning is based on interest and should be allowed to follow.

Since everything her parents do is to make her happy and happy, why not make her happy now?

“It’s important to have a plan in your life and follow it strictly.

“Busy or not is still a time management issue. Busy is dominated by time and pushed by things. If you want to take the initiative in time, you must learn to manage time.

“Experts’ comments: The methods adopted by Bai Wenjie’s time management are: First, a positive attitude accepts the busy reality.

Time is tight, many people feel very uncomfortable, and Ms. Bai’s attitude is very positive.

She accepts this reality, and actively manages it, so that she can enrich herself in the rush and harvest her own results in the rush.

  Second, I’m so busy.

When time is properly controlled and managed, ordinary work and life become rhythmic and enjoyable.

Bai Wenjie keeps everything in order, so that “time” is no longer a helpless thing, but a rhythm, life, and neat followers.

  TIPS: Make a time plan and make it dedicated.


List every important thing you want to do that day in the morning and write it down in a notepad.


There is a rough plan every week.

Then make a frequency list of things to do by month, quarter, half year, and year.


Dedicated time, if you have to make some temporary changes, you must make up later.

  刘旭倩:驾驭时间的态度是关键刘旭倩:部门经理女儿泓泓:4岁刘旭倩目前既为朗讯科技(中国)有限公司的供应网络经理,又为一个4岁女孩的母亲,还是北大“ 2000兼职 MBA”s student.

Most of the time, she works until 8 pm every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, she rushed to Beijing University for classes.

In these three roles, she has never lost sight of each other.

She said that different people’s attitudes to controlling time will produce completely different results.

  Liu Xuqian returned home from work every day, and it was time for her daughter to sleep. At this time, she could not take care of her meal.

But when she was too sleepy and tired, she went to sleep with her daughter.

After her daughter sleeps, it is time for her to read and do her homework.

“My classmates are also mothers like me, and our class is the hardest.

But the only difference between me and them is that the child’s father is not around.

“The child’s father is in the Three Gorges. It is hard for a person to catch up with such a big project in his lifetime. I understand the importance of his career to him.

“Work, go to school, be a mom and be a dad.

Liu Xuqian said, I am particularly confident in myself, and I feel that I can overcome any difficulties before me.

“As a mother, this kind of giving is normal. Many people bear more than me. I am very grateful to my father-in-law. Without them I would have been harder.

In 2000, Liu Xuqian, who had been working at Lucent for half a year, decided to study at Peking University. Her idea was that people should take the initiative to break through the existing comfort and balance, and constantly seek change. If they don’t change, someone must change you.

“After having a daughter for the past four years, I really hope that there are 25 or 26 hours a day.

“Xu Qianqian believes that since learning is your choice, the first thing is to work, and being an ethical manager is exactly the goal that MBA is going to train.

“For family and school, I put them on an equal footing.

My daughter needs education and affection. As long as I’m with my daughter, my mouth will never stop and I must communicate with her.

My daughter started showing her literacy cards when she was 6 months old. Now that she has developed a good reading habit, she often reads her books quietly.

I also recorded interesting conversations with my daughter in an electronic file.Show it to the classmates, they all praise me as a good mother.

“Busy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.

When I was with my daughter, I felt like I was enjoying life.

Every time I walk into the campus of Peking University with my backpack on my shoulders, I feel younger again. When I look at the young students passing by me, I think I am one of them.It’s great.

“Expert comments: Liu Xuqian’s time management mainly adopts the following methods: First, planning time.

Time is limited and there are many things, so we must carefully distinguish between priorities and give time a schedule.

Ms. Liu keeps her time very tight and makes good use of it.

  Second, effectively respond to external interference.

Arranged the time, I was most afraid that it would be difficult to implement in the event of an accident. Ms. Liu summarized some experiences.

For example, learn to give up and learn to say “no”.

She found a way to maintain her time plan.

  Third, be the master of time.

Busy, Ms. Liu took the initiative to choose. She was racing against time, so she was even nervous every day, but it did not affect her mood.

  Hint: focus on the main contradiction in the allocation of time, and then focus on the main aspect of the contradiction.


Have an idea and put it into action, and time will be well used by you.


Use the time to grasp the key points, know how to give up and learn to say “no”.


For a period of time, the goals set must be realistic.

  Expert Guidance / Professional Expert Guidance Bai Ling Many women are very busy, busy with work, busy with husband, busy with children, busy with learning, busy with entertainment, busy with leisure, busy with finding hope for themselves.

Because of this busyness, women often work nervously in “time” and cannot enjoy it.

How can you be nervous and busy, and have more happiness and enjoyment?

  Accept psychologically, be positive in attitude, be strong in action, and take busyness as an important thing in life.

In this way, you will lose a disappointment and the “internal friction” of fighting with yourself.

You have more energy and mood to enjoy the busyness without being chaotic.

  Many busy people have the mood to enjoy because they can plan and manage time.

This is like driving on a high-speed road. If the vehicles are following the rules, you can drive and enjoy the joy of “ride”.

On the other hand, you may be busy and overwhelmed and unable to enjoy the time and mood.

  Create “Busy” with meaning. Don’t be too busy, otherwise your mind will be tired.

Keep reminding yourself what your busyness is for, see your mission, the value of time, and the meaning of everything.

Good at looking at his busy life from a higher perspective.

  Learn to choose. As you get older, “learning to give up” becomes a very important person.

There are gains and losses, and the balance between gains and losses is a must for busy women.

The female character of “pursuit of perfection” has drawbacks in the use of time.

Therefore, you must give yourself a reasonable expectation and give yourself a “willing” tolerance.