Change 10 habits to exercise your brain

Change 10 habits to exercise your brain

Change 10 habits to exercise your brain

Changing 10 habits can exercise the brain. When we follow the “old habit” life day after day, the brain learns to “lazy” and repeats the work without following the instructions we issued.

Over time, brain function is gradually degraded.

  Recently, the US website has reminded us that as long as we change some “old habits” in our daily life, we can activate our brains again.

  10 ways to make your brain smarter.

Taking a bath with your eyes closed, most people are used to feeding back information to the brain through sight and hearing, often ignoring the functions of touch, smell and taste, which is not conducive to the brain’s vitality.

  In a familiar and safe environment, do not hinder the bathing with your eyes closed, feel your body with the touch of your hands, distinguish different body parts, feel different skin textures, adjust the water temperature according to the tactile sensation, and try to position the faucet., thus awakening the memory deep in the brain.

  Experts say that after closing your eyes, people’s attention will be more concentrated, and the brain’s sensitivity will increase, which will help promote brain vitality.


Turn the clock upside down and let people see the normal placed items, the left brain will quickly recognize and divert attention.

If the item is placed upside down, the right brain will immediately “start”, trying to distinguish the incomprehensible visual information by analyzing the shape, color, and environment of the object.

  Experts say that this practice can artificially increase the brain’s thinking activities and exercise brain power.

In life, many items can be tried upside down, some clocks, photos in photo frames, calendars, etc.


Changing the seat at dinner Many people are used to sitting in a fixed seat to eat.

However, experts suggest that it is best to change the seat at the time of the meal to increase the vitality of the brain.

Regularly change the room where the family lives, adjust the layout of the furniture or the layout of the office equipment, change the new route when walking the dog, change the TV station or website when browsing the news, and learn more about novelty products when visiting the supermarket. It also has the same effect.

  Experts explained that the stimulation coefficient of fresh objects on the brain is conducive to concentration and relieve brain fatigue.


The hippocampus in the brain of the window is mainly responsible for memory and learning. It not only stores visual images, but also remembers environmental factors such as smell and sound.

  In order to exercise the memory function of the brain, people can try new routes while driving, and open the window to feel the street environment from various aspects such as sight, smell, and hearing, and try to remember.

Need to be reminded that it is best not to drive the window when the air pollution is serious.


Touching a coin or counting beans has found that by touching something that has subtle differences, it can better motivate the brain.

Experts suggest that coins of different denominations can be placed in a large jar. From time to time, the hand is put into the can, the face value of the coin is judged by touch, and the coin accumulation can be calculated mentally, and the brain power is exerted.

  Experts said that you can also change coins into different kinds of beans, such as soybeans, red beans, mung beans, black beans, broad beans, etc., mix them on the table, and then sort them one by one, and very people, especially the elderly to improve the coordination of handsAbility to slow down brain aging.

Need to be reminded that there may be a lot of bacteria on the coins or beans, and you should wash your hands in time after touching.


Putting a bottle of perfume on the bed Many Americans are accustomed to bundling the aroma of coffee with the memories of the morning.

In the opinion of experts, the sense of smell and taste as an important neural pathway can strengthen people’s memory of certain things, but also bring good mood and relieve brain fatigue.

  People can put their favorite perfumes, sachets, fruits and other items with good smell on the bed or body, often smelling.


Active association associations help the brain maintain its vitality. Everyone should practice to see the power of an object associating 10 objects.

  For example, when you see a fly, you may think of fly swatters, badminton rackets, stadiums, clubs, fans, beer, singers, guitars, microphones, lights, and more.


The art of learning When people invest in a favorite art activity, certain music, art, dance, photography, etc., the influence of abstract thinking such as artistic language and emotion on the brain, complete logical reasoning and linear thinking, can more excavate the brain.Imagination and potential.


The study of dealing with people shows that a person’s ability to social interaction directly affects his brain power.

Old people who are unwilling to deal with people are at higher risk of developing cognitive impairment.
  Therefore, people should make more like-minded friends who share common hobbies. In interpersonal communication, they can learn from each other, bring happiness, and improve their brain power.

Reading aloud in Japan has found that reading aloud can significantly improve brain oxygen supply, activate the cerebral cortex, relieve forgetfulness, misspelling, and cannot accurately express problems.

Reading aloud for more than 10 minutes a day can enhance memory, delay aging, increase lung capacity, and evoke the spirits.