Drink plenty of water, exercise more when you exercise?

Drink plenty of water, exercise more when you exercise?

If you are wrong, it may damage your health!

Drink plenty of water, exercise more when you exercise?

If you are wrong, it may damage your health!

Life is getting better and better. Everyone is paying more and more attention to health. People who value health and some seemingly healthy lifestyles are actually very harmful to the body. Here are the things that people often do. You think that health is actually in the health.These mistakes in the health of the disease, you recruited no whole grains: eat diabetes!

” Eat more grains, no sickness!

“Five grains and grains” are quietly popular. Many people think that the miscellaneous grains are convenient and beneficial!

But in fact, the most important thing is that the wounded grains and grains are the most important. The dietary fiber is rich in dietary fiber. It can promote the gastrointestinal motility. After the powder is added, the fiber is destroyed. Only the starch and sugar are left. The whole grain is used to promote the blood sugar.It will increase the incidence of various diseases, especially diabetes. Drinking porridge every day: Drinking out the imbalance of nutrition Some old people have porridge all year round because of bad chewing function. There are also a few people who pay attention to medicated diet.The elderly who eat porridge generally lose weight because the elderly’s stomach motility is poor. The long-term porridge is the total conversion and the nutrients are not enough to consume the nutrients. Therefore, eating porridge and taking porridge is a health practice but not a person.Everyone should be a weaker body or a cure that needs to be supplemented with vitamins: eating a lot of people, taking vitamins as a universal product, eating a few tablets a day is good for health. If the body is not lacking in vitamins or suffering from obesity, it is a waste.It may even aggravate the condition: patients taking gastric ulcer take a lot of vitamin C, no longer ineffective, will increase the stimulation of the stomach.

Usually, some people use vitamin C effervescent tablets as drugs to improve immunity, but only those who lack vitamins need to supplement long-term overdose of vitamin C. Then lead to urinary calculi to accelerate arteriosclerosis. Calcium supplement: Beware of hypercalcemia, calcium supplementation of kidney stonesThe concept of chronic can be described as a lot of people in the elderly. Many people think that the more calcium is absorbed, the more bones are absorbed. The stronger the bones, the more calcium is eaten. The more calcium, the more calcium, the more nutrients are added. The better, the better.At 50?
70 kg of the elderly need about 1000 mg of calcium per day. In addition to the diet, the extra calcium is 300?
700 mg.

Excessive calcium supplementation will affect the body’s absorption of iron and zinc. It is also prone to cause hypercalcemia. Kidney stones and other complications can provide enough calcium for a healthy and balanced diet, including milk, dairy products, soy products.Green leafy vegetables and other health care: ruined the stomach In recent years, “grain health” is increasingly sought after without eating cereals, meat, eggs, etc. can only drink water, playing glucose instead of three meals can be said to “clean up the stomach” you think thisWhat kind of “grain” method can really health?

In fact, it is not possible to disrupt the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, the permeability of the initialization, the secretion of digestive juices, and the absorption of nutrients, etc., which may cause the body’s metabolic disorder to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases 8 cups of water per day:Wounded the kidney!

I often hear people say, ” Drink plenty of water, drink 8 cups of water a day to be healthy”. In fact, the daily demand for water is about 2000?
3000 ml is also a metaphor for 鈥? cups of water鈥? but our three meals and soup also contain 鈥渨ater鈥? Therefore, it is enough to add only 1000 ml of water per day under normal diet, and each drink should replace 300 ml.Excessive drinking water will increase the burden of high blood pressure, poisoning and kidney damage will lead to low sodium in the blood and cause “hyponatremia” to appear drowsiness, nausea, smoking and even coma. Eat: Eat esophageal cancer!

Our people all have the “hot drink”, the desire to “eat hot” is to satisfy the burden of the digestive system. It is too heavy. The human esophagus is very soft and can only withstand 50 掳C?
If the temperature of 60 掳C exceeds this temperature, the mucous membrane of the esophagus will be burned. If the food that eats iron often eats hot food, the mucous membrane damage has not been repaired and burned, and the superficial ulcer can be repeatedly burned. The repair will cause mucosal changes.Further development into the tumor body, do not eat too hot food temperature try to control below 120 掳 C one or two thousand steps per day: destroyed!

Orthopaedic experts point out that although walking is good for health, it is necessary to master appropriate methods for exercise. It is easy to hurt the legs by walking a lot!

Ten thousand steps are relatively simple for people who are used to exercise. Even if they are raised to 20,000 steps, they are just normal exercise. But if people who lack sports usually suddenly go one or two thousand steps a day, only the body will not eat and may cause joints., ligaments, bone damage, so the movement is best step by step gradual progress this health does not cost a penny laugh: longevity secrets according to statistics every laugh, from the face to the abdomen about 80 muscles to participate in sports laughter 100 timesThe equivalent of riding a bicycle for 15 minutes can promote blood circulation, enhance heart and lung function, but it is a patient with hypertension. Patients who are in the recovery period should not laugh at the sun: calcium supplementation “sunshine is a treasure, good health”It is rich in 7-dehydrocholesterol. It can be converted into vitamin D3 under ultraviolet light and then absorbed into the blood. The action of hydroxylase in the liver and kidney produces active vitamin D. Active vitamin D can be in the body, kidney and bone.Such as the action of multiple tissues and organs can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and can directly adjust the bone metabolism.Sit: Meditation and meditation can enhance heart function, promote blood circulation, and after a while, you will find that your thoughts will be analyzed and help people calm their emotions. When you can’t sleep, you can sit cross-legged and sit quietly.In addition to supplemental joint pain, it helps the unrestrained respiratory system to help smooth breathing. It helps to soak your feet at night: promote blood circulation. The foot is cold and the base of the camp is cold. The blood circulation will slow down, so this place is better thanIt is easy to realize that cold feet can promote blood circulation, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and promote sleep. The time is not as long as possible. The skin should be reddish and the body should be slightly sweaty.People soak 15 per day?
20 minutes for the elderly can be extended to 20?
30 minutes water temperature should not exceed 40 掳 C, but there are varicose veins and venous thrombosis, diabetes, severe high blood pressure is not suitable for people to sleep on the feet: prevention of Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease is the brain function decline memory ability to lose time to study, with the brainThe cerebral blood vessels of the human brain are often in a diastolic state to deliver too much oxygen and nutrients to delay the aging of the central nervous system, and to promote blood circulation, so that the functions of the various systems of the whole body can be coordinated and unified. The occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease turns the eyeball: protect the eyes from watching the computer continuously, watching the mobile phoneLet our eyes be exhausted. You can close your eyes during the working interval. Use the up, down, left, and right order to rotate the eyeball in every direction. The eyeball should be placed in the extreme position. This method of turning the eyeball can exercise the eye muscles.Eyes are flexible and flexible. It is suitable for preventing and controlling myopia, eye fatigue, and dry eyes. It is also good for the recovery of eye muscle paralysis. The content here corrects the copyright of “Popular China”. All rights reserved. Please contact us.Produced by: Zhejiang Science and Technology Association “Science +” micro骞砃ew media editor / Wu Tong