Hand-painted Chinese police suspect shocked by the FBI to solve the case of a pen hundreds

July 6 power June 23, according to Chinese police Lin Yuhui very vague monitor screen, Lin Yuhui because CCTV "the impossible" in the show's superb special effects simulation portrait, Henry Lee was recommended to assist US police。 In Lin Yuhui 11-year career, he has assisted hundreds of cases uncovered。 To participate in "the impossible" live in "the impossible" by the photo mosaic to identify people photograph corresponding to the presence of people are stunned。 However, such a powerful skill is not innate, but through perseverance and effort to achieve a state, Lin Yuhui since the age of five and grandfather learn to draw, at least 4-5 hours a day, looking for training in the flow of the crowd target, training memory and fast transient impression crawl。
Today also help parents to find abducted children through simulated portrait。
This spirit not only shocked the United States shocked the police and enough people。 However, at the same time I admire Lin Yuhui police, we also hope "chapter Ying Ying disappearances" finally be able to get a fair trial。 (North American Chinese homes) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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