There are four signs, indicating that your blood too much garbage (1)

  With increasing age, the blood will slowly accumulate some "junk"。
That these "junk" if not cleared up, the blood flow will not be smooth。
Blood viscosity, it could easily lead to blood vessel blockage, and even lead to cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction and other diseases。
  Blood viscosity also called blood thick。
Called the high viscosity hyperlipidemia in medicine, the elderly susceptible, can be diagnosed through blood rheology examination。And when the blood started sticky, not able to detect it。
If the following four symptoms, vigilance in respect of the。  1, it will be dizzy in the morning, waking at night with high blood viscosity people get dizzy up in the morning, by noon time will be better, gradually beginning to return in the evening sober, spiritual values return to normal。  2, waves of eyes to see clearly, usually paroxysmal blurred eyes to see things okay, but a long time will blur the waves, see the。
Because the blood is not sufficiently viscous to the optic nerve nutrition, the optic nerve and retinal transient ischemic hypoxia, so there will not see anything for a while。
  3, drowsy after lunch after the normal noon meal will also feel sleepy, but people with high blood viscosity must sleep in about one to two hours after lunch, or a whole afternoon will be very spirit。  4, chest tightness, shortness of breath when squatting high blood viscosity people are basically fat people to be more, squatting slightly difficult。Squatting will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath while I work, because the blood back to the heart while reducing squat, plus blood viscosity, slow blood back to the organ ischemia leading to difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, etc.。
  If you show more than two symptoms, it's time to take the appropriate measures。Thick blood lipids, blood viscosity Assembly lead to cerebral insufficiency, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction and other complications and even require active comprehensive conditioning, including drugs and diet to improve the conditioning of life, to avoid the occurrence and development of complications。
  Suitable clear the blood vessels of food 1, Su Su sesame oil and sesame oil is currently the highest known food omega-3 content in the world, the content of omega-3 (α- linolenic acid) can reach more than 65% omega-3 content in olive oil 80 times。α- linolenic acid can be plasma neutral fat (cholesterol, triglycerides) reduction, it is possible to promote the reduction in blood pressure, thereby inhibiting thrombotic diseases, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction prevention。
  2. Salmon Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce blood fat and cholesterol, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, two meals per week, will be able to suffer a heart attack probability of death by one-third。  3, eat rich Soybean lecithin, which is an emulsifier, blood cholesterol particles become smaller, and kept in suspension, is conducive to tissue lipids through the vessel wall are utilized to reduce blood cholesterol the improved blood viscosity。