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  Text / Sina Finance chief commentator Ai Tong Ming [] micro-channel public number: Old Ai Kan stocks continued to rebound today, but there have been twenty-eight style conversion, as the representative of the SSE 50 blue chips led the GEM under the influence once turned green seesaw。
  Today, the major indices have appeared finished lower, leaving a long shadow on the line, in fact, the reason is very simple, look at the volume will know, today's turnover has shown a significant decline, and last week's high point reduction compared to one-third。
This amount is not able to support a sustained rebound, coupled with the outflow of hedge funds before the holiday, finished lower is normal。
  Tomorrow is the last day before the holiday, faced with the nagging question of ownership or hold out for the holidays, these two days is in fact repeatedly said this thing, if placed before such as New Year's Day, the old Ai would recommend everyone holding festivals, because the market is low, the outer disk is relatively stable, new year, a relatively high probability of a good start, the trend after the new Year's Day to confirm this。   But the recent turbulent outer disk, US stocks plummeted, although these days the US stock market stabilized rebound, but can not completely exclude the possibility that during the Spring Festival fell again, after four days of US stocks is not closed (to February 19 United States President's day, closed one day), Hong Kong on February 20-21, there are two days of trading。
  During the Spring Festival, our own fundamentals are generally lacks something, after all, the government should leave, mainly the outer disk, the most important thing is the trend of Hong Kong stocks followed the trend of commodity oil, metals, gold, etc.。 It also requires us to pay more attention during the Spring Festival, if there is a substantial rise or decline in the market, it will have an impact on A shares opened after the holiday。
  US stocks from the past decade's trend, during a drag on holiday we primarily in 08– during the 2009 financial crisis, after US stocks bull market is gone for nine years, for we basically did not cause what drag。 However, due to the recent slump, it can not be ruled fluctuate again during the Spring Festival, so if the full warehouse holding festivals, there is still a certain risk。
  But the risk is always on both sides, if the external disk did not fall during the Spring Festival, but rose sharply, A shares gapped sharply after the holiday, and if do not have positions, there are also risks Ta。   So then again, how many positions you have left the holidays depends entirely on how much risk tolerance, is aggressive or conservative。
For external disk for accurate prediction is not tricky, to establish a scientific model of trading according to their investment style is the most reliable, but also in the stock market in order to survive long-term。
  If you plan to hold out for the holidays, nothing to say, want to enjoy a risk-free return vacation, whether bonds or reverse repurchase Monetary Fund, today is the last day, did not buy the operating funds to keep waiting for after the holiday on it。   As for holding festive, recommended to hold steady trend lower risk of major blue chip varieties, or small and medium-invasive blue chips inside。
Although there have been recent blue-chip callback, but that is the mainstream varieties, and the current is low, as a rebound after the holiday leaves room today twenty-eight led blue-chip conversion, is a signal flow of capital。   Today we expect the volume will shrink further, and the prices will be very light, there will be a final group of hedge funds out of the market demand。 So tomorrow there will be intraday lows, holding festive Jiancang want, you can look at opportunities for bargain-hunting。 But overall, not a lot of callbacks, smooth ending ending Year of the Rooster market, the probability is quite high。
  Finally, I wish you all Year of the Dog down!Gold miserly dog, a lot of money!Catch limit every day, every day riding a bull stock!  , I want to join the old Ai VIP group?Please pay attention to micro-channel public number "Ai Kan old shares" (laoaikangu), under the name search or scan to Fanger Wei code。