Venezuela condemned the US currency for oil ban

Xinhua News Agency, Caracas, March 19 (Reporters Xu Ye and Wang Ying) – 19, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement, strongly condemned the US President signed Trump prohibit US citizens and government entities involved in the Commission issued an encrypted digital currency currency trading oil the Executive order。
The statement said the US government's economic sanctions and financial embargo against Venezuela in violation of the UN Charter and international law, sabotage of the Venezuelan economy and people's lives。 The statement said that the government appoint release oil money is an important tool to break the dollar hegemony, to promote the domestic economy and the development of production。
Committee reiterated the government to the international community, we will unswervingly promote the development of oil and related currency block chain project, the oil money to become one of the world's most reliable digital currency encryption。
The White House announced that at 19, Trump signed an executive order prohibiting US citizens and individuals and entities within the United States or entities involved in the Venezuelan government or its agents for digital currency transactions, Executive Order came into force on 19 noon。 Executive Order says, referring to the digital currency is issued by the Venezuelan government or its agent after this year and the January 9。 The move is intended to respond to the Venezuelan government to circumvent US sanctions, issued digital currency practices。 In addition, the US Treasury Department also announced an increase in sanctions against the government appointed four current or former officials。
Sanctioned personal assets in the United States will be frozen, and Americans will be embargoed dealings。 Venezuela every year 201,712 announced the release of oil encrypted digital currency coins。
According to the Venezuelan government white paper released January 31, oil currency circulation of 100 million。 Currently oil money is in the pre-sale stage, the Commission has said that the next government will issue gold coins and other digital encryption oil money。 Since the mid-second half of 2017, the United States held in Venezuela due to the Constituent Assembly elections on the subject of the Commission to impose sanctions several times, many times to expand economic sanctions against individuals appointed current and former senior officials, also prohibits US financial institutions involved in the Venezuelan government and state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela new debt and equity transactions, prohibits US institutions involved in the transaction part of the Venezuelan public sector debt has been issued, etc.。