Deutsche Bank: US housing market over the next few quarters will be significantly warming

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, April 22 news, recent US housing data is far from satisfactory, although the last week in April builders index has improved, but weakness in March housing starts and building permits new performance。On Wednesday, the United States will announce two real estate data: February and March data rate of existing home sales data; Thursday, US new home sales data will be released in March。  With the recent signing of second-hand housing sales data modestly higher, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) is expected in March to improve the weak home sales, estimated at 5 million, slightly higher than the 4.88 million in February。But for Thursday's new home sales data, Deutsche Bank expected to be weaker, because the housing supply in the market is very small。  Last month, the US supply of new homes available for sale was 210,000, only slightly higher than in 2012 14.40000 historic lows, well below the previous 30-year average of about 320,000。  However, the result is a shortage of supply, "Once the recovery in demand, residential construction will be accelerated," Deutsche Bank said the case report。  In fact, Deutsche Bank view, although the US housing recovery has been very slow, but the next few quarters may significantly warmer。  First, the US 30-year mortgage rates about 60 basis points lower than last year at this time, means that the purchasing power of buyers has increased the US。Deutsche Bank noted that while housing affordability slightly lower than the historical peak in January 2013 record, but still higher than at any point in the past five periods。  Second, banks continue to ease lending standards in the mortgage。Last quarter, residential real estate loans held by banks at an annual rate increase of 3.9% before January 2013 three months to achieve an annual rate of growth of 4.Best performance after a 0%。  Indeed, after 2005 years ago, the US mortgage lending standards more stringent still, at the same time for many American families, to accumulate the down payment is not an easy thing。However, Deutsche Bank believes oil prices fell last year for consumers to save about $ 100 billion in energy costs。  Deutsche Bank noted that although the savings in energy costs and other expenses but did not translate into savings up, the savings rate rose for the future of the property market would be a good。  Deutsche Bank is the final conclusion: "In summary, the US housing activity appears now conditions are ripe for a substantial rebound。"(Shofu compilation)