The beginning of spring health precautions Five things to do

Notes beginning of spring regimen which beginning of spring is one of our traditional 24 solar terms, but also the beginning of the year, to this day means that spring has arrived。
As the saying goes, spring, have a good body at this time is a very important thing。
Following small precautions beginning of spring bring health for everyone, Ay five things to do!Beginning of spring health should pay attention to five things 1, see more comedy in the spring germinal liver, liver main emotional anger, so many ladies in the near future there will be anger grew, burst index increase, should pay attention to the regulation of mood, listen to jokes, see more comedy keep emotions smooth, so a good start this year, and homeopathic maintained。 2, after the beginning of spring body rub lung pores gradually open, cold wind cold clip most likely to swoop lead to colds, flu, regular exercise can improve lung capacity of the skin against cold。 Lung on the inside of our arms, which extend through Jianwo down to the thumb, so we take it points to upper and lower ends of the massage will have a good effect, but also relatively easy to find these two points, one is in Jianwo in the House, another position of the thumb less providers hole, get up every morning and a half fist hand knock a hundred times each。
3 sour foods, eat more sweet beginning of spring health precautions spring germinal liver, should eat with convergence of the liver in the five elements are wood, the wood is grams of Pitu, so pay more attention to the spleen and stomach after spring maintenance, sweet taste proper intake can benefit Pitu。 4, chewing incense onion, coriander, peanuts these very fragrant food, are very suitable for spring, when to eat, because they can promote germinal yang, to adapt to the laws of nature in spring。
5, the top hair。

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