Afternoon, I called Joe Smith.I said: I have to see you.Joe Smith asked: Why?I said: your wife came to see me he heard these words, anger got up, interrupted me to say: she was looking for you?This is me and her, you do not blending.I said: I do not want to tube, but she was my junior sister apprentice, you said I was in charge no matter?Joe Smith did not then, and later said: That line, in the evening meeting to speak.University, Joe Smith is a two-time high of our wit, we have to take him as an idol.He later married junior sister apprentice, we all feel good enough for his junior sister apprentice, but who did not dare say, junior sister apprentice goes mouth, much like a knife.City, everyone busy with their own, married, and from even less, until the day before junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me, I know, their marriage went wrong.Junior sister apprentice said, two months Joe Smith like a changed man, her sarcastic, forcing tight, but also Gengzhuobozi, clamoring to divorce.I say: Stay out of the chanting, the society I did not finish, junior sister apprentice took me kicking.Later, I promised to find Joe Smith to talk.In the evening, we met in the street a small hotel.Joe Smith some changes, with less hair than before, and looks a lot older.We drink together, talk about the students used to know, so who married a wealthy, so who gave birth to children, happy to talk, I forgot to why.In fact, I too embarrassed to ask for junior sister apprentice Why did Joe Smith.Junior sister apprentice temper, nothing seriously love to see Joe Smith like this, I guess the problem is the junior sister apprentice.Drank too much, then I would more.I asked: Joe Smith, you are not lovers of?Joe Smith laughed and asked: how do you think so?I said: guess chant.He smiled, did not speak, just shook his head.I am a little anxious, he said: do not install!You see you, talented, attractive, and money, and now the woman not to value these do?These are the truth, but say it feels a bit sour.He looked at me, put that glass, said: You do not quote, but then he looked up, deliberately elongated sound, and said: You are right, I really had so little idea of small.Joe Smith finished, staring at me: I can tell you, but you have to swear not to tell junior sister apprentice.I drank too much wine kept up, forthright and said: OK!As long as you tell the truth, I’m sure for you privacy.Joe Smith said, there was something a woman loved him dead, although he never bought her clothes, did not take her outside travel, holidays and even she had no way to accompany together since a few years ago when a Joe Smith after sales regional manager, his life is only one word: busy.Alcohol let Joe Smith more and more excited, he said: One time I went to Thailand on business, came back, the plane was delayed.And so we came down, before we know the front plane skidded off the runway, fire.At that time on the apron full of fire engines, that battle really scary.Waiting for me out of the airport, could not find her, I thought she did not come to something, go back to his taxi.On the road, she called me, I answer the phone she would howl Joe Smith looked at me and said: You say she was stupid not stupid, do not ask, I thought that aircraft accident aircraft.Joe Smith paused and said: I am also crazy that day, turn around and go out into the airport run, saw her, no matter how many people around, suddenly hugged her, and then did not want to let go.The next day, junior sister apprentice called me and asked me.I said: away from it, he was on the outside.Junior sister apprentice was on the phone crying out loud.I advise a few, forbearance and tolerance, not only the woman told her things.I say to junior sister apprentice: his heart with someone, you do not pay attention, and instead of this fight and trouble, as quickly divided.Junior sister apprentice scolded me, saying: How can you do, and advised people to divorce!I’m too lazy to say, holding a phone to listen to her anger reprove.The scenery outside the window is October, ginkgo leaves yellow, off the floor.To the spring, junior sister apprentice suddenly came to me.Before junior sister apprentice with me several times by phone, simply say divorce marriage from the very simply, Joe Smith cleanse the family.Junior sister apprentice came, I was in a meeting.From out of the venue, I saw a black junior sister apprentice, lined with plain white face haggard, swollen eyes, like a peach.I was surprised and asked her how she was.Junior sister apprentice hesitated for quite a while: he died.Her words made my body froze, I stammered: Joe Smith?When?Junior sister apprentice’s eyes were red, said: the day before yesterday.After I leaned against the hallway wall, shock is the body’s sense of powerlessness.Ear heard junior sister apprentice Q: That you see him, he said he did not get sick with something you do?I shook my head, junior sister apprentice asked: Really did not say?I said: really did not say.I turned to look at junior sister apprentice, her face full of doubts.I thought, and still do not have the heart to tell her that a woman.I said: that drink, he told me that he had only once a business trip, the aircraft encountered an accident at the airport like a plane on fire.Junior sister apprentice thought, nodded and said: Yes, I remember that accident, I was in the airport, began to think that he’s plane on fire junior sister apprentice sighed and said: Then, how much we love is ah.