(Writer election issue 11) “Cliff funeral”

Speaking of Chinese funeral custom, historic and unique, and to address the mystery, there is no doubt who was undoubtedly Bo Gong County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province Cliff.  Gong County Su Ma Ma embankments and bay, two hundred wooden coffin lying on the cliffs, wedging the coffin holding stakes branch.Large head end of the coffin small, mostly whole wood, fixing tenons snap button and.Using buried back straight, linen Guoshi body, burial opposite sides of the foot, the amount of uncertainty, there are ceramics, wood and bamboo, a scrim, and iron, wherein up scrim, small amounts of silk.  Bo people how ancient these bulky coffin and funerary objects, brought ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters height cliff it?Zhuge Liang said to have thanked the Three Kingdoms Period.  A long time ago, Ma embankments of the Bo people living together.A home for the elderly after his death, Mr. Feng Shui chose White Rock as Ann buried the old man poised to home city.A home is in accordance with feng shui said, with a large piece of wood to make coffins, went to ask mason, holes in the white rock.That White Rock tall and steep, how to fight it?After much deliberation, only with Zhuge Liang teach them to use in fighting the winch frame under a rock, winch erecting high tower, and let stand on a high platform mason holes.Finally hit on the rock to the hole two sized thick, so to cave into two thick wood, then use a winch to lift up the coffin, laid across two thick wood, this is Bo coffin burial of origin.  Cliff burial history of thousands of years will therefore ancient, compared with the Bo people’s history is dwarfed.Bo ancient people, also known as Pu.King Wu of Zhou led the world eight hundred princes crusade against the tyrant Shang Zhou, Pu ancestors is one of eight hundred princes.However splendid civilization, ancient history, can not resist graver moments.  The Ming Dynasty, as the Bo people of the Arab family in the home, home three siblings Jubing A rebel.Sichuan Jianwu (now Xingwen County) nine silk city, said Wang Jianguo.  At that time the Ming Dynasty Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan provinces to mobilize the army surrounded the Bo people of cottage.So tens of thousands of people either surrender Ming Bo, or fight to the death in the end.According to historical records, at the time of surrender of the Bo people, the number of people massacred almost half of the total number of the tribe, Bo people of almost every family has a relative or friend killed.  Bo people after the siege, no one could go to hang the Cliff.Many years later, those coffin after another fall.It is said, breaking down in the coffin of those, there are gold, silver, jewelry, jade and other precious funerary.At that time, some greedy people to compete for those sacrificial lambs, however, no matter who, as long as a fight for the hand, these treasures will put his eyes thorn pain, eyes become dark, like a blind man as.The strange thing is, as long as the hands of a discarded treasure, eye pain will disappear, eyes still bright one.As a result, no one dared to those treasures, people have been thrown into the deep valleys to go.  In the course of history, we can only see from the Bo people disappearing back.We can only hope for civilization lamps, to illuminate the darkness that Cliff Lane.