— motherland written on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of

Flag October sun’s rays to dump everything in its power across the mountains across the river at its brightest Republic every inch of the land side of the flag fluttering in the wind flapping in the wind in the east of the world enjoy spreading the five thousand years of trials and vicissitudes of five hearts cohesion into a national totem shine bright sky republic after the wind after the rain after the injury experienced too much pain after suffering the vicissitudes of China has finally embarked on a road side stand in the world and that the banner of the East regardless of blood in the fire no matter in the water the ice are a common belief has never been down that side when the vast suffering and cry in the years to penetrate the edge of life and death through the fluttering banner fluttering in the wind picking up through the hail of bullets you fall I fought in casually looking on the ancient land of the Republic of a local firm can be inserted down a nation of faith flag flags your spine straight whistling in the Orient stands looking into a nation of highly October when the sun shines through your youthful style I use make life blood oath forever and ever and you watch National anthem sang the song for the first time in my life the first singing She is a teacher in a charity that rustic cabins face the vicissitudes of history just like the old man’s eyes and his determination to lead the singing enthusiasm we indulge in “with our flesh and blood of our new Great Wall…”Sonorous melody Endeavor notes surging my teenage feelings from this is not the old song has been loud and clear course I was growing up over and over again the passion of singing, I know that a national anthem is a national concentration of historical note is that a nation bitter blood and tears so I’ve been singing the same melody and because of this it inspiring horn deep love for the old country anthem a majestic melody through five thousand years of vicissitudes regardless of where and when Chinese people are due to this sonorous notes of five thousand years of wind and rain infiltration straight spine pain What kind What kind of pain for the nation has five thousand years of culture thick and 9.6 million square broad mind to stand up after the fall play wave goodbye to the pain of yesterday’s beating the drums of war levy reminder century full of pride embark on a new Long march forward forward into.      Emblem October autumn winds from the Republic of plump slowly blowing across the land recently harvested fields breath of fresh food filled with happiness and joy grain rice and wheat farmers to leave the warmth of sickle thousands of years, chinking sound has been busy with fireworks and rice-head this land of their low volt head shining sun shine in China’s east or north or smoke?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 ‘target = “_ blank’> Tartar reluctant Chennai?Br /> as the food they are fed with simple and solid nature of a nation’s strength of character so when they look in a height onto the bright parts of the republic from the world’s eyes will be deeply traction [Editor this totem landscape : Butterflies]