Birds who can not forget friends

Birds who can not forget friends village houses are mostly stone cottage, bounce up and down is up to the roof Sparrow.Home called Jiaque.Lot number Jiaque childhood, heap twitter in the trees, a fall is a large.At that time no awareness of animal protection, but tried various ways to catch it.Tree with a slingshot to play, in the eaves on Taomo, shine a flashlight at night fall perched on treetops, the winter snow with Pa basket support on the ground cover, and now want very sorry for them.However, due to the child’s trick or innocence of naughty, as people think big, even more amazing.The house sparrow has called “home thief”, but also as one of the “four evils”, and the killing of a large scale, severe in some places even to the point of near-extinction of sparrows.The reason is believed sparrows eat the crops, and see them play more food eaten by pests.It seems the ancient people treat the sparrow be a little better, although not as big rush to kill, says, “sparrow know that the swan,” the sparrow as a symbol of the lack of ambition.As everyone knows, people without ambition who would not crammed, not to mention a little sparrow?Only to see other people’s weaknesses, but can not see from a shortage, which is one of human tragedy.    I like “black hemp spoon”.It looks like a magpie, but unlike the magpie as black and white plumage, but the same color shine Heiyou.Put bright dawn every day, it stood in the branches “Diliu crunch” cried, better than the rooster crows.At that time farmers often like to keep hens, roosters do not want to raise.Raising hens in order to lay eggs, make money, the supply of daily necessities at home, and the children’s school fees, for many years known as the “chicken Ding eye bank”.Rooster eat much, do not lay eggs, when the date is not so much food to feed it white.For this reason, crows early task falls on the black linen spoon who always urged people to get up early to work, so people say it is the cry of “Di Liu Ding lighting crunch”.Hear a spoon called black hemp, if not get up to go to work, will be called the big lazy cheap, is to be “lighting Ding,” the.School children heard it called, they have to quickly get up to go to school.In the courtyard of the old elm grandmother, middle branches of tall black linen spoon nest.During that time I just sleep in the grandmother at home, and is busy reviewing test to learn when to get up early every day to stay up late in the chirping of black linen spoon inside, sit nervously review.    Ma spoon with black companion is the “water drops child” and “Xia Xia child” on the tree.Drops of water sub-head is much smaller than the black hemp spoon, and only about the size of a sparrow, but the sparrow than a long tail, gray body feathers are white, even more small and exquisite, lovable.Xia Xia child’s nest resting on the trees, swaying in the wind, floated here, I was worried would not fall.Xia Xia child small, flexible, drilling drilled from the nest, sounds crisp, live happy happy, I was envious of it free, but is now rarely seen this smart and lively elf.    The mountains outside the village, is the world cuckoo, turtledove, ruthless tiger and the like, although around less, but often hear sounds.Cuckoo’s great reputation, particularly sounds, it sounds due to different places, but there are a variety of “translated” version.In my hometown it is known as the “Valley News Valley News – Weeding hoe and then pull out.”.Because often cuckoo chirping at the time of sowing of the spring, as if to remind farmers need to sow millet a “pull out seedlings”, and pull out and tell people seedlings essentials are: pull out pull out first, and then hoe.Visible north cuckoo, no sorrow south cuckoo, but have become more relaxed and tranquil rural life.And understanding of different cuckoo, ruthless tiger sounds on terror more.Uphill, you’re down to work, suddenly came the “call hum – hum call” sound, you must think in the elderly cough, looking back, no one.Asked adults found out, this is the ruthless tiger cry.Start, judging from its sounds, I think the tiger is a ruthless beast.A long time know that this is a bird.But now I have not seen it, “hosting the Games.”.Real “only heard and not seen, man”, it seems ruthless tiger is the “world outside expert” bird in!    For the doves, I was guilty of some.This is the reason I know it’s an injury.Childhood home quail Liu opposite, I found a turtledove nest, which has a turtledove eggs.This child is extremely exciting thing.I did not dare tell anyone.Every few days or collecting firewood excuse uphill fight ragweed to secretly scout.Doves nest resting halfway up the cypress tree in the dense cypress.When time went by, the little turtle dove eggs hatch and continue to grow, who see it begin to grow thin hair, then I’m afraid Assembly fly away, he got a thin line foreskin of a turtledove leg leash, the other end tied to a tree.I think this little doves fly not only walk, but also to feed the big doves, until after the flight touched home reared play.As a result of such a “thorough” measures, and my heart at ease, less the number of times I went to look at the.Wait until once again time to climb up the trunk, see little doves lying motionless in bed, reaching for look, doves stiff body already dead.I inventorying and found a lot of small turtledove Tuicu, turned out to be deeply tied to the legs of Le thin line into the flesh, doves swelling and inflammation, it seems that I became a murderer to kill doves!Since then, I heard doves “Cuckoo.Cooing “sounds, my heart just filled with deep remorse, silently talking about,” little turtledove, sorry!”Owls usually live in the mountains, sometimes at night will come to the village.Rural saying goes, “night owl into the house, do not come without incident.”There’s ‘something’ is not a good thing, people do not like a night owl, that it would bring bad luck.Especially do not like it sounds, night owl “Cuckoo – meow, cuckoo – meow” to call, much like the sound of someone sneer.A child often heard adults say, this is a night owl laugh, laughter is a night owl to tell someone to die.Now I can not tell what is a night owl laugh, which is a night owl cry.But as a child, I heard adults say all sorts, still very afraid.Uphill to see the owl, and my heart was pounding scared, quietly talking about you quickly fly away!After school I know owl is an owl, or beneficial birds, voles eat special, it sounds nothing to human life and death, but it is nothing more innocent local people.Armed with this knowledge, he is no longer afraid slowly.    As with the owl’s just the opposite attitude, like wild people, especially Alice, that is, magpies.People in the village to see the magpie is considered a sign of good luck.Children sing “magpie called Cha, happy event come home!”Is it really come true, who do not know, but it looks like they have a good look magpie.Black and white feathers smooth and bright, it looks clean, plus it jumping, “Cha Cha” cried, it seems even the kids, and very likable.Home yard old Shu Chashang Alice wild nest there, looking up from under a pile of twigs stick mess, when the wind blows often worry about it, no matter how much wind fortunately, did not always scrape the nest.Magpies look similar and there Cyanopica.It should be grateful to the famous song sung songs everywhere: “Lang long tail, long tail, marry a wife forget your mother.”I always feel wronged gray magpies, magpie people how to educate their children as disobedient negative example?Still remember the full lyrics: “.Mother put back into the hillside, the wife back to the white picket fence, roll cake, burning soup, wife wife you to taste, I went to the southern slope back Zanniang.”Wild old carving, and good spinner on a cliff, it is easy to make people think it’s brave.But this does not feel strange, because have been taught to know the eagle could it be otherwise.Old eagle left me most impressed, or is the most puzzling question, it is not often seen floating in the sky stared motionless, when the fly is too fast, but motionless wings.This fee can not let the little children wondering, of course, no matter how a child pondering not realize the truth to.A piece of sky, quack cried crows, incited a dense mass, circling back and forth.Locals said the group will Laogua a white lead.So I looked up to see crows group looking for, but never seen white crows, they found a large group of crows which does have a magpie, magpie hire is not the crows come when the “chieftains” I do not know.    Alas, these lovely birds are rarely seen nowadays.Flocks of crows have been hard to find, the head of the old cliff carving rarely seen in the village in the morning no longer hear the “Ding polish” sounds.I really miss them, these had a friend!