How to break the scalp and acne in summer hair care_1

How to break the scalp and acne in summer hair care_1

How to break the scalp in summer hair care tips

Summer Hair Care Tips How to break the scalp and acne in the middle of summer.  The hot sunlight and high temperature bring great pressure to the skin, oily, large pores, and sunburn.

However, while we are giving sun care to the skin, haven’t we neglected that the scalp hair will also be affected by ultraviolet rays and high temperature, which will cause various problems?


The scalp is swollen and acne. Scalp acne is not necessarily excessive oil secretion, but may also be a sensitive response to external stimuli. In this case, you should choose a soothing and sterilizing cleaning product, such as a product containing tea tree oil and kaolin.At the same time, it has the effect of sterilizing and eliminating oil.


Hair becomes oily quickly. Hair oil is not oily depending on your scalp oil secretion.

To improve the scalp’s greasiness, we must first avoid greasy and spicy foods from diet and other issues.

In addition to avoiding irritation of the scalp by the elderly, it is recommended to appropriately increase the frequency of shampooing, use targeted oil balance products, and maintain a good scalp oil balance.

The frequency of shampooing should not be too high, at most twice a day.


Hair becomes frizzy. In the summer sun, hair is very easy to become dry.

Changes in age, the external environment and work and rest can directly lead to the condition of the hair, maybe your scalp condition begins to change.

Of course, it is recommended to apply some essential oil products before going out in summer, and the smooth and shiny hair can still resist the sun to a certain extent.

Either a breathable hat or a headscarf is also stylish and practical!


The severe repair of split ends of hair needs to start from the hair core, supplemented with amino acids and keratin are the first choice, choose a professional product with repair function, and pay attention to diet and rest.


Serious hair loss is related to many factors. Stress is one of them, which directly causes the hair follicles to harden at the root of the hair, so the hair growth space is squeezed instead. Pay attention to sleep and rationalize using professional products to soften the hair follicles.Roots make room for growth.


For girls with long hair injured by a hair dryer, the hair dryer is necessary after washing the hair. It is recommended to gently press the scalp hair with a towel, pay attention to it, and then use the hair dryer to evenly dry the part of the hair. Be sure to avoid local excess.In this way, the hair damage to the hair dryer is negligible.

In addition, conditional girls can use hair essential oil products before hair blowing, an extra layer of isolation reduces hair injury and is more at ease.