Eating Psychological Traits for Men and Women

Eating Psychological Traits for Men and Women

Eating Psychological Traits for Men and Women

Some people like to eat and chew when they are depressed, just like the slutty men and women in “Slimming Men and Women”, turning the blow of broken love into a bunch of meat and eggs, meat patties, a piece of fat stuffed into theirIn the stomach, and then too fat to go out.

Some people have no appetite when they are in a bad mood. They just “get away from Iraq” and “regret their belts widening.”

Why is this so?

The secret lies in the inevitable relationship between diet and everyone’s personality, temperament, and psychology.

  Take the word “spicy.”

Look at the people around you. If he (she) is a hot-loving person, then he (she) must be more “spoken”.

Spicy people usually have a fierce temper, and some people are mostly “bloody” in character.

They tend to treat people with warmth and generosity, but their temper is very scary, just like the elder’s sky pepper, chewing an ear in the mouth will buzz.

Geographically, people in Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, and Yunnan are more spicy, and the temper in these places is as hot as the peppers here.

  For others, they prefer to eat sweets.

These people tend to be milder in character, and most of them belong to the type of “mucus”.

They are cautious, conservative in life, and unwilling to take risks.

Geographically, people in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang prefer sweets.

Everyone must be familiar with the “Shanghai Good Man” nourished by sweets.

If a woman wants to marry a “Shanghai Lang”, she doesn’t have to worry about it inside or outside.

Shanghai men are both earning money and being good at housework. The disadvantage is that they must be so masculine.

  There is indeed a serious relationship between diet and psychology.

British behavioral psychologists have recently conducted extensive factual research to show that a person’s personality is closely related to rich taste.

  People who like to eat rice are often intoxicated and lonely. They treat people well and are comfortable with each other. However, they have a poor mutual help spirit. People who like pasta can talk, exaggerate, ignore the consequences and impacts, but have a weak will.It ‘s easy to lose confidence in doing things; people who like to eat fried foods are brave enough to take risks and have a career desire, but they are discouraged when setbacks occur; people who like light foods think that they are communicative, good at approaching others, and hope thatMake friends and don’t want to go it alone.

  If you associate diet with people, you will find another interesting phenomenon.

Take, for example, bread. Russia has a famous bread called “Da Liba”. Its size and weight are generally “enough” for Russians. French bread is usually made into delicate bagels.Bread sticks.

The Russians are rough and bold, informal, and the French are romantic and tender, with rich emotions, which can be clearly cut from the bread they make.

The American diet is dominated by fast food, especially fast foods like fried chicken are more popular with Americans.

As mentioned earlier, people who like to eat fried food are brave enough to take risks, which is reflected in Americans.

Americans like to take a risky personality, and it seems to have something to do with their eating habits.

  Food and psychology actually have a relationship at all times. This can be grinded from our daily life: describe women complaining that men frown at other women and call them “jealous”; when we feel happy, we always feel “sweet”””; When we are sad, “bitter” tears shed.

The sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors can be found in all five flavors.

It is often said that one side of the soil and one side support one person. Now it seems that a dietary habit has created a group of people.

Does this make some sense?

I hope we can “eat” a good mood every day.