[How to make baby meat complementary food?

[How to make baby meat complementary food?

】 _Baby and Toddler_Making Method

[How to make baby meat complementary food?
】 _Baby and Toddler_Making Method

Before four months, babies mainly rely on breast milk instead. However, after the baby grows up, the nutrition of breast milk will not be able to meet the baby’s needs. At this time, it is necessary to start adding complementary foods.At this time, you need to choose the right type of complementary food according to your baby’s age. Especially, many parents will think of eating meat for their baby. So how should the baby’s meat complementary food be done?

First, pork-suitable for babies over 6 months. Pork contains rich protein, trace amounts, calcium, phosphorus, iron, impurities, B vitamins, etc., which has a better effect on infant nutritional anemia.

Recommended recipe: Pork paste recipe Ingredients: 30 grams of pork Method: 1. Mince the pork.

2. Steam the pork with a sterilizer.

3. Press the steamed pork into mud, feed the baby with a spoon, or mix the vegetable puree to make a porridge.

Second, pig liver-suitable for babies older than 7 months. Pig liver is rich in protein, vitamin A and vitamin B family and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals, which can prevent baby anemia.

Trace protein, lecithin and trace elements in pig liver are beneficial to children’s intellectual and physical development.

Recommended recipe: Pork liver rice paste Recipe ingredients: 20 grams of pork liver, 2 teaspoons of infant wheat flour (same spoon as baby milk powder)Pulp.

2. Add a little water to steam.

3. Add the right amount of water to the pot, stir in the wheat flour and the prepared pork liver mud, stir evenly immediately. Third, beef-suitable for babies over 8 months, lean beef has high protein content and low trace content, which promotes the growth of infants and young children.Tonics for development, nourishing and strengthening, and improving disease resistance.

Recommended recipe: Beef oatmeal recipe Ingredients: 30 grams of ground beef, 20 grams of oats, water.

Practices: 1. Cook oatmeal into oatmeal; 2. Put ground beef in oatmeal and cook together; 3. Put cooked oatmeal and beef porridge in a blender and make a paste, then put it into the baby with a spoon.

Fourth, chicken-suitable for infants over 7 months. Chicken meat contains high-quality animal protein, and also contains a large number of trace elements, calcium, phosphorus, iron and multivitamins, which can improve nutritional value and is one of the foods for infant rickets.

Recommended recipes: Chicken and pumpkin puree Recipe ingredients: 1 large spoon of minced pumpkin, 50 grams of chicken breasts Method: 1. Add the minced pumpkin and start to boil and soften and crush; 2. Diced chicken breast, stir with a blender to make mud; 3, appropriate amountBoil rice soup, add pumpkin puree and chicken puree and stir well. Fifth, fish meat-fiber component suitable for babies over 6 months. The meat is tender and easy to absorb and absorb, especially suitable for infants and young children whose digestive tract is not sound.

And in fish finance, epa and dha content are high, which has a good effect on the development of infants and young children’s nervous system.

Recommended recipe 1: Steamed seabass (suitable for babies over 6 months) Recipe ingredients: belly-free seabass meat (approximately the size of thumb), appropriate amount of green onion and ginger: 1. Cut the green onion and ginger into a small amount of boiling water and soak for later use; 2, Clean the fish meat, marinate the onion ginger water for about ten minutes; 3, pour the appropriate amount of water into the steamer, put the marinated fish meat in a small dish and steam it, turn the pot on for five minutes to turn off the heat; remove the fish meat, use smallPress the spoon into fish paste.