Deng Lun as "I'm a detective" pink tie-coming detective outfit suction eye

  "I'm a detective" as the focus of the opening years of the Hunan Satellite TV variety show, both in visual presentation and plot settings are very hard。 Each program is carefully set up the scene, and strive to show the audience the original sense of quality, at the same time on behalf of a sense of the story is also particularly profound。 The conference, the team has carried "the details of control" nature of consistent excellence, as the activity starts, all the cast singing "I'm a detective," the theme song of the same name 11 appearances Deng Lun a "pink line" with the focus Overall, youthful and handsome matchless。 And a few days ago "snow Department boyfriend" in stark contrast to the wind。
Site links brain hole wide open, with Deng Lun Han Xue alliance composed of detectives, close interaction with the media。 And finding fault stage for the first win, and witty gentleman was obtained by reaction heartfelt praise Ho Kyung teacher – "live performance is very good."。   In the arts, the incarnation of Deng Lun also witty detective, several rounds of high-energy "show IQ"。 It is reported that the first phase of the program, Deng Lun character named "Deng indifference", which he "Where is Daddy going 5" Warm Daddy Moe in very different image。
Exposure trailer, "Deng cold mode" dressed in snow white wins handsome and elegant, sitting in the inn calm meditation, slowly read out the mantra "My heart is cold is cold my knife my sword is cold my blood is cold…。
"With the full face of indifference, a sense of full screen。
There are friends quipped, "Deng Lun too deep into the drama, but looked very cute," Meng Ju contrast now。
  As one of the "entertainment new forces" in the eyes of everyone, with a dazzling performance Deng Lun refresh awareness, starting the year at the beginning, that is, to get quality TV Festival 2018 China issued the "annual youth drama star appeal," starred in the TV series " because I met you "get" audience favorite TV drama award ", award double-pronged, certainly it is not easy to attain。
I can not help but look forward to more in March 24 22:00 Saturday night the first phase of "I'm a detective" in his performance。

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