Changzhou mobile booster "Internet + Tree" plant line online "Happy tree"

March 12 afternoon, the municipal green commissioned, sponsored by the city Bureau of Parks, Changzhou movement organized the "celebration of Arbor Day, won 'Happy Tree' 'activities in the city Bureau of Parks Yokoyama Bridge planting base in place, in addition to planting outside the line , online tree planting, adoption kinds of activities are carried out simultaneously recognize。
This year, the city as the province's "Internet + nationwide voluntary tree-planting" pilot cities, will carry out a number of interesting "Wisdom Tree" campaign。
In order to meet the 40th Arbor Day, innovation nationwide voluntary tree planting due diligence form, Changzhou City, the Green movement co-commissioned, jointly organized by the city Bureau of Parks "Internet + tree planting" campaign, the whole of society to carry out "online tree planting"。
Line activities three days attracted over 50,000 people involved, the novel "trees" in the form received by the public favorite。
By Changzhou City Bureau of Parks "Green Man Dragon" micro-channel public number, Jiangsu Mobile handheld operating room and other platforms, the public can enter the online trees page, the page the game reaches a certain points that have access to succulents, trees adoption eligibility, mobile province traffic and other prizes。
The "Internet + tree planting" campaign is "kind of good Changzhou happy tree, build an ecological garden city" one of the nationwide voluntary tree-planting series of public activities online activities, through the promotion of online interest form and offline entities involved to guide the general public the obligation to fulfill national obligations planting。
Since entering March, Qingfeng Park, Plum Park, People's Park, Jing Chuangong Park, Dongpo Park, parks and other green dike pier place tree planting activities have been carried out under the multi-field line, launched a total of 2.2 million square meters of green space, more than 1,000 of trees to carry out adoption, recognition kinds of activities to encourage people to put labor in the form of direct donations or do it on the title or title plants were responsible。 Changzhou Mobile also actively respond to the call, organized in groups of party members and volunteers to participate in tree planting, adoption activities, and carry out the Arbor Day theme painting, flower arranging, Culture training and other activities to promote environmental protection concepts to a variety of form。 The voluntary tree planting in conjunction with a series of activities and moving large data systems, Changzhou move will also participate in online and offline public tree planting activities to carry out "acts of green big data analysis", issued by the Changzhou public green low-carbon behavior report for the line late planting and tree planting activities under planning reference materials。 A series of "online + offline" integration of tree planting charity will give full play to the advantages of the Internet, the ecological civilization construction carried out, in which all participate in a good atmosphere in the city, enhance the public "urban environmental protection is everyone's responsibility." sense of responsibility。

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