102-year-old son are still learning Chiai: the secret of longevity is accompanied by the book

Daly at the old man of English notes。
  He must be a man of stylish English bar!  Yes!But who would have thought it, he is a 102-year-olds!  102-year-old Daly has been at the old man, has not learn how to do housework, go out do not know what to buy food, but to learn, but like his fun into the blood and bone marrow。
Even with a magnifying glass to read, write, and he never tired。   Daly at the old man said, to learn how much is not important, important is the attitude of life。
  30 silver dollars, planted the dream teachers dadukou new village streets locking mound communities, 102-year-old Daly towards the old residents of the。
  For Daly at the old man, his daily job is to go out to buy food。
Available so far, he still can not learn to do housework, not to buy food themselves。 "His wife said what to buy, I'll buy what。
"But for the door of the lively city of side dishes, but full of hope towards Daly。   "Carrot (carrot), onion (onion), spinach (spinach), which is the day I have to eat vegetables。
Lean meat and no less, an egg a day。
"English mixed with Chinese, in front of 102-year-old Daly at the old man of his voice, laughing, did not significantly twilight state。
No matter where he went, what to see, he'll be able to express in English。
  Daly at the old man said, in English and soon, is inseparable from the story of a 30 silver dollars。
  Daly toward the elderly when junior high school, the school will offer English lessons。
Then the teacher's salary is 30 silver, and had never been seen three meals a day, eat 3 prime meat 3 a month, and only as long as four silver dollars。
  "Because the teacher to take the salary envy, I fell in love with this subject," and then recite the text of a prize-winning, leaving Daly toward the firm as an English teacher's dream。
  "I remember high school English teacher is a graduate of Wuhan University, but then learn English, there is no condition now, we had no ability to dialogue, to recite the text, it has become the most common measure of the level of standard English。
"Since then, Daly and English as partners towards it, put it down。
With this goal, Daly feeling towards becoming a full and happy life。
  In mid-1940, he was admitted to the UN General Assembly, Northwest Normal University Department of Foreign Languages。
  Fun, working is 22 years in 1955, Daly returned to the big ferry towards engaged in cultural and educational work in Chongqing Iron and Steel Company。
  Daly said that North Korea, then, need to use a lot of steel-making blast outside the text, the engineers do not understand, ask him to help translate。
Later, Chongqing Iron and Steel Company has also set up an amateur high school, it is difficult to go to a professional English teachers, engineers, professors put Daly transferred towards the English class。   Daly towards learning and teaching methods is speaking, he summed up as "multi-channel collaborative memory", that is, in the learning process and mobilize all the senses that can be utilized, speaking and writing, continue to strengthen, and finally the formation of long-term memory。   For example, remember the words he used a piece of paper, write the Chinese side, written in English on one side, then on the pocket, leisure, pull it out and see, repeated several times after memorizing continuously consolidate enhance memory, fully grasp it a corollary。
  And when it comes to speaking practice, Daly way towards jokes that he is "not afraid of nonsense, is not afraid to say"。
For example, to see a thing, as soon as the English say, wrong does not matter, with proficiency in course of time, plus grammar, you can use freely。
  Realization childhood desire to become a true teacher, Daly toward the tired but happy。   Later, Daly toward transferred to the Chongqing Iron and Steel Company to teach school children the small South China Sea, the South China Sea to the new village at that time to walk to the large ferry railway station, train to sit "quarry" station, then climbing on the ridge, to get to the mine school, single journey often more than three hours, but Daly towards the old way, until retirement。
  "If you use a word to describe his father, and that is tireless in teaching。
"Daly Dai Shiyan towards younger son said he remembers children at home when there are five or six, my father would give each child set the table, stools, finishing a good learning materials……Hundred years old, still 'love' to learn if a teacher of the people, Daly is love and dedication towards love of English; then, after retirement he still enjoy it, because it is entirely implanted into the blood and bone marrow of love!  Get up in the morning, nothing to do, he will open the desk had yellow English textbooks, fancy short。
Older, eyes spent, but this does not hinder him to learn, he usually wear a pair of glasses 200 degrees, when learning to read, but also a chance to a pair of glasses 600 degrees。 Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass。   Rice did a good job, he would look at a book; before going to bed, he would look at a book; not sleep at night, you will also get to see a book……Daly towards younger son Dai Shiyan remember, after his father retired, was hired English teacher did in the 108, worked as a teacher Dadukou union amateur school, it has also been a heavy steel old university English teacher。
Until 2012, his father 96 years old, he has repeatedly persuaded by his family, to leave the old university。
  In Daly toward the house, there is always the tuition to the children, neighbors want to learn English, old university student……Until a year, Daly hurry to walk towards the following two front teeth fell off, he ended tutor experience。 "Come tutor, mostly children, I fell off the front teeth to speak of air leakage, are not allowed to pronounce on the!"Daly said North Korea can not be delayed children。
  Accompanied with the book, the secret of longevity is not an English teacher when, toward Daly did not idle, but in his own way, enjoying the happiness brought about learning English。
  When the early morning, he and his dialogue in the Garden District's; When we go out, he used the English "translation" of life around; retired and sit, he was quiet in his beloved books; when joy, and he's happy to share their books……Some time ago, like to see the current news Daly at the old man is now a brainwave and decided to put some important terms of politics, through their own understanding, translated form in English, he translated 24 words socialist core values, not only translation, but also verbatim back out。   Daly said that North Korea, the translation was accurate or not, for him, is not important, important is the attitude to life, and timeless spirit of the times。
  Recently, Daly perspective towards the old man began to aim at the "two sessions"。
His favorite saying is do not forget the early heart side was always!Neverforgetwhyyoustared, andyourmissioncanbeaccomplished。
  Daishi Yan said, perhaps this is the secret of longevity father!  It seems the younger son Dai Shiyan, father no other hobbies, he does not watch TV, do not smoke, do not drink, but they love reading, relish, loved life。
Perhaps the reason reading, my father had a rough life, but open-minded optimism, not pleased, not to have compassion。
No matter where you are, always dedicated to pursue their love for the cause, concentrate on doing something you enjoy。
Father would not do housework, not even to buy food, only his English notes, stay organized, meticulous。 And nearly 90 years of persistent study, let him have a good memory。
  In addition, also because love reading, Daly at the old man attached great importance to health。 "He has to dietary requirements, every day a little lean meat, a little water, eat tamales, braised pork, eggs every day to ensure a。 "Apart from this, places mainly vegetarian, spinach, onion, carrot……Daily cup of wolfberry, red dates, walnuts together with milk, he has ten years Helehaoji。 Newspaper reporter Gu Xiaojuan。