Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood

Dai Bin: lack of hotel structure "Internet +" inject new blood || president of China Tourism Research Institute, Dai Bin overseas network studio guest。 (Xieming She) Overseas Network April 10 (Xinhua) China's domestic tourists in 2014 3.6 billion people in 2015 will be increased to 40 million passengers。
With such a huge tourist market, the carrying capacity of tourist hotels also usher in a new challenge。 April 10, Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Research Institute overseas network studio guest with us and asked, "hotel development" together。 Status of the hotel: the total surplus, lack of structure at present, China's tourism industry entered the popular stage of development, tourism has become the norm of the people of leisure。 2014, China's 3.6 billion domestic tourists trips, inbound tourists million people, outbound tourists reached a million people。
Recently, the China Tourism Research Institute released data, the number of visitors is expected in 2015 China will continue to grow, of which domestic tourists will reach 40 million passengers inbound tourists will reach million people。
With such a huge tourist market, said Dai Bin, China's hotel From the total amount is enough to receive this billions Guest。 He explained that China's current star hotel is approximately 14000, while we still have 320,000 residential institutions (eg such as home, Chinese courts Inns), and 1.5 million rural tourism reception areas (such as bed and breakfasts, farm music, etc.)。
From these figures, the number of tourists in our hotel is not a problem on。 However, the number is not representative meet "adequate carrying capacity"?Dai Bin, not entirely, structural problems also restrict the ability of an important factor in the hotel reception。 Dai Bin said that from the time point of view, our country paid leave system is still not perfect, people still can not flexibly deploy their holidays, travel tend to focus on a specific point in time。
This also makes the demand for hotel visitors reached a certain peak at a specific time。 He explained that due to the hotel's own characteristics, its decision to supply no matter what time remains the same, do not stay with the increase in people and increase, which carries the hotel reception had an impact。 From the point of view of space, Dai Bin, China has nearly 60% of visitors generated in four major cities and coastal areas of the eastern group, which may result in high-end hotels have enough to eat in the vast central and western regions, the budget hotel situation enough to eat。 In addition, the type of structure in the hotel, high-end hotels speeding expansion resulting in excess supply, coupled with our decline in inbound tourism, domestic tourism is no improvement in the high-end, where there are errors on tourism development (tourism development will build the hotel) and other issues are our country's hotel industry has shown a surplus of one kind of the total lack of structure condition。
"Internet +" inject new blood since the introduction of the government work report, "Internet +" has become all walks of life on transformational change for the hotel industry hot words。
In this regard, Dai Bin, said the hotel industry will also seek new breakthroughs in this era, ushered in technology and product innovation contest the mobile Internet era。
It is reported that since last year, the major hotel brand in the mobile Internet field will show a trend secretly rivalry。
Street Town last year, will be thrown open the door of the micro-channel selling point; Shangkeyou also proposed to create a localized service life marketing platform; the IU platinum Tao's new Internet hotel; Hua live is focusing on force APP, which was positioned as a comprehensive Hotels and consumer travel service platform。
" 'Internet +' era, hotel sales channels change," said Dai Bin。 Turning to product design, Dai Bin said, with the "Internet +" the arrival of tourists to the hotel will be more involved in the construction process。 For users, what they care about with their core demands, and this product will be designed in the future there will be more reflected in the hotel。
In the last interview, Dai Bin, China Tourism Academy in mid-2015 will continue to focus on research "hotel industry and market demand match" direction, given the appropriate advice and recommendations for tourist investment, operations, human resources, let the hotel industry more dynamic, more culture, more creative。 (Liu Yi Shan)。