Winter prepare pregnant ate these two particularly good recipe

Winter ate prepare pregnant?Some food preparation stage of pregnancy is particularly good to eat, you know winter prepared pregnant ate it?Following small to talk about what the winter with you prepare pregnant ate it。
Winter glutinous rice prepared pregnant Chishimehao material: rice 400 g, 100 g pork tenderloin, fresh mushrooms 70 g, 10 g of dry seaweed, 10 g shrimp, 5 g ginger, cooking wine 5 grams, 2 grams of salt, 5 g of sesame oil, soy sauce 5 grams, 20 grams of vegetable oil。
Practice: 1, after washing clean rice, soaked overnight, dry moisture, cage steam for about 40 minutes。
2, seaweed and shrimp soaked and cut into fine seaweed, mushrooms Diqie into filaments, ginger cut into fine shred。
3, pot put the oil pan, put ginger and shredded pork fried powder。 4, put shrimp, mushroom and seaweed, Stir the fragrance, with wine, soy sauce, salt and seasoning。
5, and finally into the rice and stir well。 Nutritional benefits: rice contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, Vit B2, niacin and starch, nutritious food to Wenbu Jiang strong; having deficiency Jiangpiyangrong stomach, sweating only the effect of the spleen and stomach, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea have a certain role in mitigation。 Mushrooms, shrimp, seaweed, pork delicious, high, can stomach qi, enhance immune function。 Mushrooms sticky rice is tonic to share。
Winter prepare pregnant ate Hashima Ginseng Ingredients: Hashima, rice wine, pure water, ginseng, ginger, sugar, white wine。 Practice: 1, after 4 hours Hashima bubble with wine, and then soaked in warm water to completely swollen, carefully picked with a toothpick or forceps impurities。
2, ginger and spirits mixed together, over Hashima to smell, standby。
3, the sliced ginseng, and Hashima, sugar, together with the water 4 hours can braising。 Tips: best to use casserole stew (pot is placed in a large pot, add water cauldron), followed by stainless steel pot, do not use the wok。
Hashima soak time should be more than 24 hours, when stew ginger can add a little more thoroughly remove the smell。
Nutritional benefits: Hashima is a good female tonic products, one of the main function is to effectively supplement the lack of estrogen in vivo, many pregnant mothers prepare to supplement the hormone progesterone use Hashima and enhanced, stew with ginseng, played Warming effect。