Magic board 42 minutes lost rocket 0-1 home clippers Paul Griffin missed three pairs

  Ticker May 5, the first half behind the Clippers in the case of double-digit comeback, away to beat the Rockets 117-101, leading the Western Conference semifinals 1-0。
  - Chris Paul sidelined, Blake – Griffin another triple-double, 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, Matt – Barnes 20 points, JJ- Redick 17 points, Austin – River Adams also scored 17 points, D'Andre – Jordan 10 points and 13 rebounds。
Off the bench Jamal – Jamal Crawford 21 points。
  Rockets lose home-court advantage。 Dwight – Howard 22 points and 10 rebounds and five blocked shots, James – Harden 20 points and 12 assists, Trevor – Trevor Ariza 17 points, Jason – Terry 10 points。
  Rockets full rest for six days, the former barely Clippers and Spurs finish seventh。
Rocket is playing at home, we can say is wait at Plaza。
  This is the rocket in mid-2009 for the first time since the second round, is the 13th in team history。 Clippers for two consecutive years come this far。   Clippers won the tie-break, but also pay a painful price – Chris Paul hit the winning goal, but a thigh injury, could not play today。   The Clippers had to use small rivers as the starting point guard, he and Paul is clearly not the same level of players, after playing seemed more jerky, poor state after opening the Clippers。   After playing the game one minute, both teams failed to score, but Howard is a nail plate large cap in mind to make the fans boiling。
When the first section there are 10 minutes and 36 seconds, Rivers hit a three-pointers, Terry immediately in front of him break layup, after which a person Ariza scored 5 points in the Rockets began to enter the state, to a 7-3 lead。
Ariza became the first rocket attack point of this section, the half after the holiday, his third hit twice, Harden in this section will be the end of the third succeeded, the Rockets 25-19 to gain advantage。   Inside the contest more exciting。
Section II as well as 10 minutes and 12 seconds, three-wire under rocket fast break, Ariza lifted the ball, Howard alley-oop dunks with both hands, jope Since then hit the third, the Rockets 34-21 to expand the advantage。
Clippers inside is not weak, this section there are 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Howard Johnson hit Jordan, shots after the turn, but capped Jordan。
After 1 minute, Jordan grabbed the offensive rebound, immediately attacked, but the ball shot by Howard palm shoot off。   Post player blocks another, and in this section the last moment, there was a "cross-cut"。 The Clippers took the lead on Smith foul, he hit one free throw。 Rockets were immediately on the spot foul on Jordan, he missed two free throws。
Rivers seeing bad, Jordan will be replaced, but they continue to foul Howard。
Halftime, the Rockets lost double-digit advantage, only to lead 50-46。
  The third quarter and 9 minutes and 42 seconds, Harden hit three-pointers, the Rockets still lead to 57-51。 After the rocket missed a row, and hit three Reddick, clippers even after 6 points, the score。 When more than half of this section, with Howard and Smith, the latter alley-oop dunks, leading the Rockets to 65-62。
The last time the Rockets are 68-66 lead, Rivers also to third, the Clippers played after a wave of 12-4, 78-72 in one fell swoop to exceed。
This section Clippers to 37-27 victory over the first three quarters to lead 83-77。   Grabbing rebounds for the Rockets is not active, the attack is also powerless, lost double-digit advantage did not say, hand behind a double-digit fourth quarter。
  Barnes and Crawford hit third in succession, the game there are 4 minutes and 24 seconds, Griffin grabbed the offensive rebound, Reddick shooting at approaching 24 seconds, leading the Clippers to 101-88 13 points。   Harden had launched rockets from the storm, he first hit a record third, then causing Barnes fouls on the perimeter, after two three free throws, the Rockets 93-101 behind。   The two teams began to "cut each other," Jordan hit two free throws after being replaced, while Howard missed two free throws。   Terry's three-pointers to narrow the gap to eight points to 97-105 backward, but After the rocket crash, Rivers and Redick have been hit three-pointers, hit a wave of 10-0, when there are seconds in the game, Clippers lead to 115-97, to seal the victory。 (Angkor)。