What Bawei Bawei Magnolia pill prescription pills Magnolia

What is Ba Weiwan, Bawei Magnolia pill is a very famous traditional Chinese medicine, you can treat a wide variety, but many people do not know, what Bawei Magnolia pill was a small series and to see Magnolia Bawei What pill is introduced it!What Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] Magnolia (to bark, ginger Sunburn make purple) 2 2, Chen orange peel (soup dip to white, baking) 1 two, blame Lile (for meat, students use) 1 two, Gui (to rough skin, take the meat) 1 two, aconite (guns crack, peeled navel) 1 two, ginger (gun) 1 two, (to black) 1 two (Sunburn) two 1。
[Method] of the fine, so that uniform mixing, refining honey pills, such as large Firmianae。
[Indications] appetizer eating。 Main stomach empty, air-conditioning upside mediastinoscopy, triple burner is not adjusted, not eating, and eating Needless, less lean muscle force。
What Bawei Wan Bawei Magnolia pill is [prescription] dry (to black) 5 money, dogwood (wine mixed with moist, steamed soft to the core, take the meat drying) 5 money, (Jiuxi, drying) 5 money, (honey coated Sunburn Sunburn can Jiujin) 4 money, Cyathula (Jiuxi, baking) 4 money, moutan (to the heart, washing) 3 money, Poria (peeled) 3 money, Alisma 2 money。 [Method] on the drug file, baking, grind fine, refined honey pills, such as large Maren。
[Indications] deficiency in children endowment, kidney weakness, bone marrow depletion, the bulk of the skull seam irregularities, lean body language late, line step and more difficult, slow tooth Health。