Is there a conspiracy?Saudi Arabia coach: We still do not know why the plane caught fire

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's World Cup group stage opener, Saudi Arabia 0: 5 huge points difference lost to host Russia。But it is not worry about things beyond this defeat, Saudi Arabia ride to Rostov aircraft caught fire in mid-air, but fortunately the team without incident。In the second round group match against Uruguay before the conference, the Saudi coach leather Sarkozy said the plane caught fire on the team has not been informed of any relevant information。"About yesterday's events, you have seen these photos, they only defend himself。We do not know anything else, we have not received any information about the cause of the fire。"Qi skin response to a reporter at the press conference," We have no fear, we believe that the pilot and very cool。These photographs show the time of an emergency situation, but we do not fear the incident will not affect our performance。"At the same time, Saudi midfielder Xier – Ya Ximu at the press conference, said his teammates have put Moscow's defeat and the engine caught fire disregard, determined to re-establish confidence for the team's fans。"We arrived safely at the hotel, we all have forgotten what happened," Yaxi Mu said, "we focus on the game with Uruguay。Every player's goal is to change our image in this World Cup, because this is not the real strength of the Saudi football。"