Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin (original author: misty clouds)

Love, quiet, if only snow; such as Hong Mei Xin original author: misty clouds QQ 1660469412 individual micro letter GYR197927 * pick a fleeting shadow over the broken wheel flipped Juyi Peng snow glimmering white illuminate the thoughts of sleep * hundred thousand turn back the dream ah you faint now snow white wins now holding a flute, personable me in Rainy time of journeying journeying to watch you * you are my life the most beautiful page in colorful bright colors and I want it binding make it into a book is not old by the time of the transfer * along the trail quietly, quietly read you read you that a ray of warmth lingering Yin you that I, talented Smirnov * so quietly quietly hide you in mind the softest place to cherish for life and never forget themselves * miss Shiba filled Mouguang Oh my tears fell just drop it all through the life of a read like that * still recite the brightest stars at the zenith affectionate poems month child leaning on the arms of clouds lingering infatuation * winter night, the quiet silence silence silence is an elegant mood is a passion of love * love, quiet, if only the snow so quietly and quietly make love to float in the air so quietly, quiet Let love * love flying, such as Hong Mei Xin so quietly, quietly bloom so quietly, quietly fragrance * (misty clouds original)