Bloody Road House

First, Baosong Jing town of the original town hospital Yan Chai Road, there is a hospital, the hospital has two treasures of the town’s hospital, two pieces of gold and silver is not a baby, but two centuries-old Taoist classics.  A winter morning in mid-1939, the monastery abbot Yuqing long road with little apprentice pure finish early lessons, all of a sudden burst of rapid Zhuangmen sound broke the quiet of the monastery, Yuqing Road, Long was surprised.  Song Jing town since the Japanese occupation, burning and looting the town of evil invading Japanese army happen every day, Yuqing Road, Long heart clench, he was not worried for his life and safety, worried about the hidden courtyard first division left two Taoist collection, this is Splendors of Imperial China, we must not fall into the hands of devils!In order to make long-term plans to adhere to, he has dismissed monastery in Xianzarenyuan make their own escape, leaving only himself and two disciples innocence and pure trio.A few days ago, Yuqing Road, Long found the wind tighter and tighter, the Japanese patrol inspections several times a day around the monastery, it seems, they are about to start on the road homes.Road yard just at this time food will do, so he sent a large apprentice innocence discharged, a buy grain, two looking for a safe place, ready to be transferred out Bao Ji.Today innocence did not return, but the door to uninvited guests, it seems that the Japanese devils to hands!  Sure enough, the door opened, rushed five or six heavily armed Japanese soldiers, led by captain is the pig.In fact, this guy called consultative Doutai Lang, sinister and ruthless, a long nose overturned on a round head, two small eyes, plus a jug ears, behind the town’s people gave him the nickname Captain pig.At this point, the captain of pig hand behind the soldier a bar, foot step, as though gentle grin: Long Road Good morning, men rude to bother you!  Yuqing a head in the chest with both hands Baoquan line had a Taoist ceremony, neither overbearing nor replied: I do not know the captain arrived and beneath much welcome, Pindao offended.Do not let the passengers inside talking.  Pig captain met, it would not get angry, but find their own level laughed, said his visit, a verification at the courtyard of staff, issuance of clearance certificate; two know backyard food difficult, specially sent some beef, ocean.Yuqing Road, Long answer, said the yard left a total of three people, only large pure discharged buy food has not been returned; gift of beef, did not dare to close off the ocean, do not eat beef Taoist four things, on behalf of filial piety of the faithful, must can not mess up, and the other Taoists used to eat rice, the ocean is no Fu Xiaoshou.Actually, I’m the captain of pig feed given to hard, just hum ha ha come full circle back and forth in the yard after the road is gone.  After closing the courtyard and so pure, pure Yuqing long road immediately called in the room, Yuqing Road, a long sip after sip of tea spoke: disciples, national crisis, Bao Ji dangerous master waved a long road continued, pig captain today to aim very clear that he is to get an actual situation, and we must be ready.Said lowered his voice and whispered orders up.  It was at this same time, the pig back to the team captain part arranged sergeant men, Yan Chai Road House in front of the road, set up three checkpoints before the membership did not get the two treasure monastery, a person not allowed by.Devils this arrangement, Yuqing long road still in the dark, he was still in the middle courtyard of his great disciple innocence come back to that night mentoring three planned transfer of membership treasure it!  Second, the layout of each winter days are short, the day soon dark, pure and some contain himself: Master, it seems to catch his brother is not coming back, or taking advantage of the dark, I’ll cover you treasure your old holding membership He left the monastery!  Yuqing Road, Long looked out the window of a night sky, shook his head and said: No, when pure, and I told him whether or not enlisted safe place, must return to the hospital within five days, today is the fifth day, he will be back.Besides not find a proper place for the collection, it was reckless treasure membership will transfer the hospital, this is not more in the Qiaoshanzhenhu captain of the pig count it?Master pure feel are right, and again stole to the door of the monastery, while waiting for the return of the brothers, while Couzhuo the courtyard door, looking out of the movement.  Yuqing Road, a long time also stood up from the futon, he calmly opened the bookcase against the wall, from the inside is offering a flat mahogany box, they find a yellow cloth, carefully wrapped up, and then took it to the next possession of a good clean bedroom.Just then, pure impatient hurriedly ran in, gasped: Master, Master, the bad, the road in front of the hospital blocked by the Japanese devils, I see their flashlight, hear the sound of their passwords the!Yuqing Road, Long mouth and said: Do not worry, do not worry, flustered mess things up.My heart can not help but surprised that he had to understand the reasons why now is not innocence back, and devils Yiba road foreclosed, he had originally intended by him tonight and pure cover, let’s come back with a pure treasure membership overnight the program has been transferred does not work, he can only think of the law.  Suddenly, the night sky came a crackling sound, long windows on the back wall of the grid no wind from the open, followed by a shadow floating in the air from the window into the room with a loud master, Yuqing look, big apprentice in his innocence has been established in front of.  Originally, pure daytime rush back, it was found in front of the hospital has been blocked road, had begun to get dark outside, changes from the back swing Tashui Mile Road House come over the wall.Fortunately, Tai-young age I learned a dodge, Shiyu Zhang tread water and over the water, only wet shoes and socks silver cloth.Yuqing Road, has long refused to take a small trip through the disciples asked, just opening: Bao Ji Favorite place may have been seeking proper?Pure nodded: Master ease, my disciples, found a safe place, as long as tomorrow will treasure the seat belt debut membership hospital, will be able to foolproof.Yuqing listened to my heart relieved, nodded hello two disciples came together to discuss it.  Mentoring three after half an hour to discuss the decision today, one night, after dawn tomorrow, if the Devils in front of the blockade will not be dismantled, only to wait until the dead of night, so pure swing back the treasure membership from behind Seven Mile Road House Tashui out.In order to recharge your batteries ready for tomorrow’s action, said long commanded two disciples go to bed earlier, a man himself sitting on the futon, eyes start to the evening classes.  Besides, the Ministry of Town gate Japanese occupation army captain in the pig did not sleep at the moment.He got the order will shortly redeployment.He was stationed in the town of Pine Jing year and a half, people were killed, house burned also, the people of gold and silver property also grab almost, but treasures of the town of Yan Chai Hospital Road House is still not forthcoming.Although he looks pig dog face, China’s traditional culture can understand a lot, he knows the value of these two Taoist classics, things have not yet arrived, he Zenken give up.He knew that insists that the long road is certainly not handing over; strong search that house dozens of Tao Yuan, where to search out?So today he was under the guise of good card verification personnel, into the monastery come full circle, intended Qiaoshanzhenhu to give way after a long frightened Bao Ji transferred discharged, he can set up card to intercept, who knows waiting for a long time, seen a head count in he could not stand it, I decided to seize the moment a move Zaishi.So, the men called the sergeant, told rumble with some Japanese words, cobia Hayi Hayi kicked away.  Third, the Bounty treasures soon, is meditation Yuqing Road, Long was a gust of Zhuangmen sound stunned and stood up, he immediately shouted: pure, pure, Come!Hardly ever cry, two disciples had arrived before him.Road, Long Lueyisisuo said: bad!Devils night they come to kill, and innocence, you have not let things go the hospital devils know, quickly hid behind the plaque of the beam, no matter what happened next, are not allowed to show his face!We know to keep your treasure is the sole responsibility of membership, pure and I deal with devil.Innocence Zhang of the mouth, he bursts out: Master, I Yuqing would not let him go, he pushed a handful of innocence: brisk walking!Pure frustration, jump leapt up, the whole body has been steadily falling beams.At this point it seems a long road suddenly think of the issue to hand, he grabbed his futon sitting, waved his hand, shabu, futon dancing, the beam of pure hand catch, a reduction body, hidden in the back of the plaque.  Before the courtyard outside pure open seven or eight devils have been break-ins, like the vicious long road mentoring Jia Zhu, Cao Cao’s army, led by the blunt long road in front of Chinese words shouted: your listening , quickly put the possession of two books handed!It does not pay to stab stab friends!All houses have burned!Yuqing Road, a long pale with anger, coldly replied: I do not understand your words!The sergeant took the torch from the hands of soldiers in front of a head a few Huang Huang continued threat and said: do not understand?fake!Two books do not pay, you both put to death!Long road still deadpan replied: burned me, and still do not understand your words!Angry sergeant to scrape together the torch to a head on clothes.  At this critical juncture, suddenly wearing a Japanese kimono pig captain from behind to take out, he pushed in front of an open General Cao: Do not be rude to a head!Then turned to his men roared: polite not speak, you all go away to the door, no command, not allowed to come in!That sergeant and six or seven heavily armed soldiers have retreated outside the gate.Sounded Duixiao pig captain left hand holding his right hand, Bao Quan Road, a long line had to teach ceremony: Long Road frightened, I apologize to you!Then, like magic, like out in the large pot of tea kimono sleeves, long road, this is your Celestial’s ‘Tippy’ great good tea!I want to drink alone pot of tea these days?Speaking single word, with the accent on one side, eyes on one side of a small pair of standing behind a head pure.Long road to understand the meaning of the pig, smiled, back orders pure: waited outside the door.  They left the house, the air seemed to ease a lot of.However, two of their heart was nervously wondering.Pig captain thought in mind are: carrot and stick tonight going to make sure that the long road to membership treasure that pay out.Yuqing Road, Long thought was: this evening, breaking the death of innocence and let the treasure safe transfer of membership was discharged he thought of this mind set, it is down to tea pig captain’s words and said: captain in the mood for, serve Pindao.Talking out Yixing tea set, and is offering a three-year old can of snow, he lit the charcoal, the snow boil, taking a dip in a pot of Tippy tea, pour two cups, a hand so that, say : captain, please!  Pig captain sly smile, picked up the cup in front of a head, collected in the mouth and other channels first long drink, do not care about long Yuqing Road, put in front of each other’s cup drained.Pig captain relieved, but also gusto products from tea.Next, the team long-term pig around in circles, tea comes from Lung Fu Shan, comes from Lung Fu Shan Taoism, Taoist talked about and from the Yan Chai Hospital Road, and finally see Figure poor dagger, long routes to the hospital two Tibetan nationality treasure out offer: a long road, you know, the current Chinese hurried retreat, these two big treasure membership only allows us to safely retained custody of the Japanese Imperial Army future generations, think how long Road?  Yuqing Road, a long sip of tea replied: admire the captain of the Chinese Taoist culture to understand it as deep!But these two books is our treasure Taoism is China’s treasure, it can only stay in Taoism, stay in China!It does not bother outsiders labor!  A head not listen to advice, then I’ll have to say tonight is ‘pay to keep people book, the book does not pay to keep people’!Then, the captain of two little pig eyes staring at the long road, observe each other’s reactions.  Yuqing long road in no hurry to answer, he got up and went before cabinet, open the cabinet, took out a small porcelain vase, with a steak the size of the ear spoon, scoop out a spoonful of orange-red powder, poured himself a cup of drink inside, picked up the teapot, the piping hot tea spilled into the cup, with the heat Jumping, a surge of fragrance floated curl.Long Road Duanqichabei like to enjoy a sip: tea!  Pig captain, pointing to a small porcelain vase on the table and asked: What is this?  Road, Long replied: captain not understand?This is called ‘tea cited’, tea cited tea into the third bubble, this is the highest level of tea!  Pig captain was fascinated by the long road of tea, and all of a sudden goes as far as to ask for Bao Ji had come aside: Well, I have to point!Said yourself, learn to look long road to themselves scoop spoon tea lead, then followed the long road that fragrant tea drink into the belly.  He said that at that moment, less than a minute’s time, dude captain suddenly felt pain in the belly, his hands trembling, repeatedly said: Oh, well, come Yeah toxic!Waiting outside heard the sergeant and the soldiers rushed in, hold your nose bloody pig’s head on one side, the side of the road long Jiazhu.A head laughed, broke away Jiazhu his Japanese soldiers, hand wipe the blood of mouth, word by word and said: You do not say ‘do not pay the book is not to keep people’ do?Ha, ‘do not pay the book, not keep people’!Tuer brisk walking his way slowly sat down also at this time, pure carrying a yellow bag and rushed out from the bedroom next door, and went straight road ran from the hospital door.See a sergeant, captain and hurried down the dead pig, while shooting, while the pure chase.  Taking advantage of this juncture, the beam of pure jump, squatted in front of the master, the tears will master cast with open eyes, and my heart cried: Good Young!He threw his master hidden treasure membership futon carefully tied clothes, jump out of the back wall plaid long window, toward Seven Mile swing, disappeared in the darkness.  A head and pure dead, Yan Chai Hospital Road burned, and that membership has stayed two treasure, it is now said to be relevant collection of Taoist classics.