Since work outside the home, I do not feel at home.After work, people ask me when I go home, I am always surprised carefully, I repeatedly to correct them, it is just a rental, not a home.Up to be a post.  Rental is someone else, you can always take away.Although I am living in it, but it does not qualify my heart into it as home.  At a minimum, there should be at home more than two people warm plus the desired stability.Stubbornly believe that parents where, where my home is.Now my parents thousands of miles away.I looked up and found that the distant home.  I am now living in dorms are farmers house, typical handshake building, building and building capacity pitch only three can be had all year round from morning to night rare encounter sunlight, turn on the lights during the day and if not, it is eerie.I spare the people most of the time stay in the company.Come back at night, a door is open TV.TV can not see, but can not open, so the room sound is the key.Soap opera which came to speak or listen to the sound of a fight, so the sound unique smoke flavor, makes me feel that they are not living in a vacuum on the good.  Before going to sleep shut the TV, the radio will open.Radio usually on my pillow, close to the side of the ear, you can hear the volume is turned down so far, said the compere, despite what she said, whether it was all her personal taste thing.Let the radio people kept whispering to me, put me to sleep this is a top priority.As it sings when to give up, this depends on the depth of my sleep.It is often made only a hum until dawn, it is common.Sometimes woke up this morning and found that radio is still there, crying, heart can not bear, let it grays busy working my outrageous, I think it will forgive me alone in a foreign land alone and helpless it.  Although rental TV and radio companion, but it seemed to lack what point.  A day in the evening, plus complete classes dormitory.Fu went to the intersection, far to see an old man standing on the roadside, alone as a skinny old trees.At that time windy road in addition to the old man, almost did not see the others.Approached only to find him filled with all sorts of different sizes, all kinds of fish tank, tank, there are a lot of different colors of Big Red.I always like to fish, not daring to raise.I’m afraid they are dead, I can not afford to lose their pain.  Before raising once, within a month, annihilated.Only to find fish brings not only joy, but also bring the hidden and long-lasting pain.  Cold day, dark night, and an old man.So late, cold, still waiting for someone to go through, it can buy fish.Just big here, he is not a place to stop the flow of people downtown who would buy his fish?I said, grandfather, you still go to North Huaqiang sell, people will be more, here too biased, without shelter stopped, strange cold.He said, urban management control is tight, would not say his tank overturned Moreover, this small business, they were caught, but even this money back, but also heavy penalties.He said he works during the day, according to a company, not empty out the night before selling vacant pits.He and his wife are like fish, raising a total of more than three hundred pieces.His wife is now confined to bed, but for the anxious waiting for the money, raised these fish are decidedly reluctant to come out.Raise their own fish, just like their own biological child, from small to large to take care of them and watch them grow up under the eyes of one, sold to someone else, especially when they plaything of man, how could you not feel bad?He said they sell is like selling their old life.  I clearly saw drops of tears, multiple wrinkles from the old rolling across the cheeks at.My heart suddenly quivering with what he said was choked, it sounds like winter leaves whimpering in the cold wind.So I did not hesitate bought two goldfish, one red and one black, plus a transparent fish tank, spent a total of fifteen dollars.I came back, I was eager to put the fish tank placed on the desk.I’m happy to watch them constantly gilded blisters, round and round, almost spit a dozen laps, and then gradually turn these blisters burst in their chase and play in.A fish will float, while they sink to the bottom.From top to bottom, a moment prodigiously, just do not know what tired.Seven every morning I go to the company to work on time, before they come back to see ten p.m..The old man asked me not to change the water every day to give the goldfish a week to change it once.Each fish one day to eat a foodstuff is enough, and more may not be indispensable.Due to time off work late, I’m afraid they are hungry, so each fish in the morning to feed two.I want to move with their good characteristics, food should not be a problem digesting two ant-sized, will not allow them too much support.Their vitality melted my heart Aimless it townships, with their participation, my rental more unexpected vitality, they helped me resolve the inextricable nostalgia.Lonely heart as they are happy and excited.I look forward, I hope they grow up quickly; I seem like a dormitory, I’m afraid they have to wait for me and so anxious.  Night came back, the first thing is something important and ran towards the table, look on at them again, rather than rush to open the TV.Little fish seem to know when its owner to come back like, very informed one outstretched head, tilted his mouth, he looked at me.I refused to eat dinner, began a cordial conversation with them.I say brothers, hungry, I’m away, but the old thinking of you, you have no want me ah?This time, I deliberately put two-time foodstuffs, and let every foodstuff very close, want to wait and see how they compete for food to go.Such a long time, do not even try to steal, very friendly.So I put the two diets separated by a small wooden stick, especially the one around the mouth of the redfish, really obedient to eat according to my meaning.After a look at it, I fear that big redfish heads, it will be the first one and then the greedy.He deliberately into the water, swam to the blackfish, informing it went to eat.Blackfish possible at this time to know the meaning of redfish, and quickly swam to the direction of the food, it’s easy to put one to eat the cleaners.They help each other commendable, to my silent proven their precious friendship.They touched me, I won every one of them, on the palm of the hand, love to watch them, for fear of bruising their body scales, carefully took a warm bath for them, sent did not put shower gel, fear they are affected by cold cold, wash immediately back into the aquarium.They talk to say, you are my good partners and good brothers, good friends, you are very lovely and great enough, I want you to accompany me to the old!Heart Song when I talk with them, hostel much unspeakable warmth; each other and common understanding of the day, it gradually with the taste of home rental.  Chinese New Year holiday, I am worried that no one care two fish.I do not know to whom, like a long time, decided to entrust to a long-lost brother of fellow Young.Before he bought to see some flowers planted in pots, a very professional attentive, very good care of these young lives.Presumably he might like fish.He should listen to me to take care of goldfish to him for some time, said nothing, the afternoon will take more than an hour’s car came to take fish.In fact, this is far from the price of two fish add up to one of his travel expenses.He took the time to spend energy to take over the fish, which shows that he also cherish life, I know the value of the fish is priceless.He took the fish tank, pledged that this fish is my friend, he will try to look like their friends, they take good care.  I said to the fish, say goodbye to a few days, now take care of you by my good friend, you had better listen to him, good fun.I looked at Yang brother hands holding tank, solemnly, disturb the slightest fear, timid of the state.Tears actually unconscious drip face.  Vacation is over, I returned home from work in Shenzhen, Yang brother told me, redfish went to the “West”.I do not know how to say to him,.Like last time, but also a month, I went.This black day!I most want to hear the news once again I was covered in a kind of cold can not be isolated.I had expected this day would come sooner or later, but did not expect such a bolt from the blue, as was thunderstruck as restless.After Yang brother personally came to tell me that he would find a companion exactly the same with the original redfish with blackfish, back to me.I said forget it, do not sent!I say it three times in a row do not, do for him, do not.  I’m afraid the other one black fish is also facing the same fate, although I do not know it could survive long in this world.  Knowing the pain ever, but simply wanted to stubbornly think they will and peace, life will be stationed, it will be with me for a long time.Blackfish afraid to see again, think of the departed redfish.Love to heartbreak grief, love to flee, I really do not know how to face.I just want to make life and death has occurred of pain has not occurred to reprint Yang brother, but whether he would be willing to accept, it is my sad place.He knows I ever lingering feelings for the fish, but it is for me the most fatal blow.I know that the other fish, it was waiting for me, so I pick it back, so I fed him food to eat, so I am happy and glad for it.It requires my attention, I need my attention, but I’m afraid.  Who knows, personally tending out of life, emotional effort spent trained, until conceding, no opportunity to save their time, what will be painful to me?!  Happy, forgetting the potential dangers once the crisis comes, it can not be changed overwhelmed.I persuade myself, long life, no matter how pleasurable and memorable came to this world, after all, have to leave one day.You have to accept that this is a fact!I rented, and they wanted me in the new year, with the upgrade to be able to have a warm home in a foreign land, but my other half, my brother before I a.My dorm room cold, my world began to keep snow.Big snow goose feather, the siege drown me, I never see my companion, my fish.Heart to cry, tears have dried.Their message is that I can not knowingly Past.