More than 80 years behind the hand "tear comic" on-line

Spread circle of friends cartoon touched so many people making "tear comic" Zhu Yan, the team of "troubled times that year, such as hemp, may you have a beautiful age of the afterlife"。
Yesterday, many users to forward the phrase was mentioned, this statement comes from a cartoon drawing, two figures are from mid-1937 and mid-2017 Girl Taking opposed to a war-torn people around, a person living in peace modern。
The picture of the author told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhu Yan, the figure was created in December last year, this year there are users of the original in 2016, replaced by mid-2017, the reason why you want to paint this picture, because you want Let us not forget this period of history, and friends a lot of attention in their surprise, "that we want to express the emotions felt friends。
"Warm Heart cartoon popular networks December 13, the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Mourning Day, this day, many people are microblogging and friends a picture scraper。
In Ituri, a girl from mid-1937 and mid-2017 a girl from Taking opposed to each other hand we want to grab each other out。
1937, in which the body of the girl was gray, thin clothes, bare feet, her left side was gun fire and smoke left by the war in turmoil; and in 2017 the girl wearing warm padded behind her It is a modern high-rise buildings and clean streets。 Between the two of writing were the words, "that in troubled times such as hemp, may you have a beautiful age of the afterlife"。
And the words, has become a word yesterday on the network frequently mentioned。 Many users when forwarding this chart above also expressed their own feelings, that someone said, "see this picture nose acid, peace is not easy, should remember history", "screen take heart, and cherish the good life, pray May peace, for us strive to become stronger。
"Beiqing Bao reporter noted that in addition to this change in top view of two girls, looking, as well as a similarly-themed comics are also a lot of forwards。
Figure, either side there are two boys, who were from mid-1937 and mid-2017, in 1937 the boys from years of wearing a military uniform with a gun, while across from him in mid-2017 from the boys wearing padded holding hands phone, the two standing face to face, written on the middle of the gap, "If one day we could meet, I will tell you, mountains and rivers in Utah, peace and prosperity。
"A netizen on Beiqing Bao told reporters that a comic way history and present meet in the same space and time, giving a shock," around a lot of friends have forwarded these two pictures, but also a way to honor the。 "Author: a few minutes before deciding on the text before publishing to create these two comics, is Zhu Yan and his team。 Zhu Yan is currently doing a compilation of comics history class male number, he told reporters Beiqing Bao, two girls, looking comic is actually the creation of the team in December last year, when it caused concern of many users, but this year, netizens spontaneously the original comic book in 2016 into mid-2017, and then again to get a lot of forwards。
Zhu Yan said, there are many online memorial ceremony for days about the way, but they want from a relatively small point as the cut, so the eyes of the victims gathered in a particular group。 In the creative stage, he and the other two team prepared a total of dozens of programs, and finally chose two different girl the same age as the age of caricature。 "The girl ran away in the war era war in the shoes, wear very thin, modern girl wearing a thick coat, very warm, by this comparison, people now express a war they want to help do something , but this feeling powerless。 "Comics, the two girls background is not the same。 According to Zhu Yan introduction, in 1937, left in the background is the year the Japanese girl to break the city of Nanjing, photos, modern girl of the right background is a photograph now Nanjing Xinjiekou, Xinjiekou and photographs, it was his own shot。
He and his team hope to use this war and the bustling contrast, account of the different historical backgrounds of the characters。 "That in troubled times such as hemp, may you have a beautiful age of the afterlife," and this lead users resonance, then, is where the team came up with Zhu Yan。 Zhu Yan introduced, then in order to find inspiration, and they listened to a lot of music-related film and television works on the Nanjing Massacre, plus previous work has been done on the matter thematic planning, have some experience, each copy a word after repeated scrutiny, "we want several versions, this sentence is not finalized until a few minutes before release。 "Lasted for a period of about three days, the cartoon appeared in the spotlight。
One year later, it was again a large number of users forwarding, to commemorate。
"Copyright belongs to all Chinese people," December 13 this year, Zhu Yan and team continuation of last year's style, once again created a theme of "If one day we could meet, I will tell you, mountains and rivers in Utah, peace and prosperity," the comic , caricature became two boys of different ages。 Beiqing Bao reporter noted, comics, war uniformed boy holds in his hand was a gun, and modern hand boy holding a cell phone, and this is also by design team and Zhu Yan。
"They are two people of the same age, but do not like the modern boy holding a cell phone can send circle of friends at home, but the boy war years will have to take up guns to fight the enemy and, in addition to mobile phones there is another layer of meaning, that is, I want to give the last person to convey information now。
"13, many users private letter Zhu Yan asked whether the comic can be sent to a circle of friends and their own micro-Bo, Zhu Yan, the answer is 'can', and his team in opinion, it belongs to all Chinese people's feelings and memory, so the comic copyright is open to all Chinese people。
For the original intention of the creation of these cartoons, Zhu Yan said they want to express a comic warmth of human care, so that we do not forget this history, "300,000 victims groups are not such a simple data, but the implementation to each person "。 Text / reporter Huang Xiaojing courtesy / Zhuyan SourcePh "style =" display: none ">。

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