James eyes caught the defense even twice!Oldfish can only attend one

  Beijing on March 22, in an Eastern focus of the war carried out today, the Knights defense issue to be amplified, especially LeBron – James, who missed twice inside the most representative。
But it is precisely at James 35 points, 17 assists and seven rebounds and zero turnovers guide, 15 points behind the Knights finally to reverse the Toronto Raptors 132-129。
  James, who missed the first time, the basket is 3 minutes 39 seconds in the second quarter。 Demar – DeRozan attack failed, but the Raptors grabbed the offensive rebound, DeRozan Backdoor launched the second wave of attack。 At this time in front of the teammate James suddenly ran up against an outside line, James will be exposed in front of DeRozan。
Ultimately, DeRozan dunk, James did not reach。   The second person was missing before halftime。
Prior to this, DeRozan just singles Jordan – Clarkson succeed, then again two bits。
Just when everyone thought DeRozan singles turn to "teach" good Clarkson, the fleet Fred – Fanfulite from behind James sneak into the bottom line, a few hundred miles actually empty sparsely。   DeRozan will not miss such a good opportunity。
He quickly points ball, in waiting in the wings behind Clarkson, James glanced along the trajectory of the ball flight corner, only to find themselves cast under a big mistake。
Fanfulite ball, shot the ball into, just like all the other three three-pointers in the first half of his hits, like nature and prosperous。   This ball not only reflect the Raptors backcourt Spear transformation in the season, once again will be on the defensive end James negligence exposed to the outside, which is not uncommon in this season。 The field in the first half, before the missing person, in order to prevent the Raptors superior height inside the group, select the Knights Tuen heavily in the basket, is empty but there are a number of advantages lazy hand, James is also to blame。
Now he seems to be more defensive attention is in the middle。
  The final whistle, the two sub-drain among the key figures of two roles were reversed, unwilling to look DeRozan, James is proud of his success, and that 2 missing people and it has the look Judging。 (Demons)。

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