Different parts of the makeup remover correct steps healthier

Step with the different parts of what make-up has gradually become female friends have to do something every day after cleansing has become a very important thing, I believe many people know that if you do not take makeup, then the residual cosmetics pair is has a lot of injuries。 So different parts of the face are how to do makeup remover following small steps bring you to different parts of the correct makeup healthier oh!Different parts of the eye makeup remover step program full face skin eye skin is the most vulnerable place, it must take care, otherwise it is prone to problems such as aging ,,。
If you are a regular eye makeup, must use special eye liquid emulsion remover products remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetic pigment penetrate into the eyelid, otherwise the eyes with a black circle。 Cleansing Key: Eyeliner, waterproof mascara and eyeshadow steps STEP1 to play with the middle small circle gesture, gently rub the eyelid Makeup Remover portion, or with two cotton dipped Remover dab on the eyelids 5 seconds, it has sufficient time to dissolve eyelashes, waterproof eyeliner on ingredients。
By wiping eyelid texture from inside to outside, should not force to pull the skin。 Cleansing step STEP2 different parts of the folded piece of cotton large type, travel down from five seconds after the cleaned root of lashes, not too hard to avoid eyelashes off。 The lower eyelashes and the liner dipped gently wiping with a cotton pad Eye Makeup Remover outwardly from the bases of the eyelashes, right clockwise, counterclockwise left。 STEP3 then discharged again some eye shadow, repeat the first step, the excess fluid with a clean cotton pad remover pat dry。

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