City University of Hong Kong was allocated over HK $ 40 million study of high-speed rail safety system

According to Hong Kong "Ming Pao" report, the City University of Hong Kong said on Tuesday, won the Research Grants Council of HK $ 40 million set aside to study high-speed rail system to enhance the security of the platform。 Five-year research program, entitled "Safety, reliability and emergency management research high-speed rail and rail systems."。
Principal Investigator Project, City of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department XU Guoliang said that although the study was not safe system to Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail based research, but it has a certain reference value, will help improve the complex rail network。 Key research projects include engineering systems, flow and capacity management system。
Engineering systems, researchers through fault diagnosis and reliability degradation models, check the tracks and cables and other components, and the development of the maintenance program。
The crowd and system capacity management, team against fire and other emergency situations, develop contingency plans for crowd dispersal, and adjust the frequency, vehicles and staff rearranged so as to speed up recovery service。

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