Fried kidney teach you how to do make authentic Jiangsu cuisine

Fried kidney kidney when it comes to how to do that, we all know that it is a very common food, hard to believe that people like to eat it because it is very tender and nutritious, then fried kidney how to do it together and go small series look at the introduction fried kidney how to do it!Fried kidney how to do Ingredients: pork kidney accessories 🙁 Green, tip) red pepper seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, salad oil salt pepper starch cooking wine pepper nutrition cookbook calories 96 grams of fat grams carbohydrates, protein card g Cholesterol 354 mg of calcium 12 phosphorus mg 217 mg potassium 215 mg sodium 22 mg magnesium mg Fe mg mg mg of zinc selenide microgram manganese copper production methods 1 mg.Kidney washed, cut into small pieces, a quarter of an hour with wine soaking fried kidney how to do 2.Kidney and then soaked wash, then brine, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, pepper, dry starch grasp uniform 3.After wok oil, into the kidney fast duplicating off after birth dish 4.After Guo Lifang a little oil, pepper, soy pan, add chili stir fry, fry pan then pour the kidney after making a few tips。