Bicycle unsolved dilemma, Morocco thanks to a shared car can go far?

Since December 29, 2017, Morgan Stanley announced that thanks to car-sharing project, which has not yet been shared car territory expansion, according to news reports, the project is still in trial operation stage。
In comparison, Mount thanks to the shared bicycle actually was a violent expansion trends, such as March 8, Mount cycling thanks also announced the formal launch in foreign bicycle in Santiago, Chile。
Up to now, Morocco has entered cycling thanks to more than 200 cities worldwide, the amount of over 200 million registered users, operating more than nine million bicycles。
Both sides must demonstrate the speed of the bicycle share from Mount worship and sharing the car layout, it seems that thanks to the friction CEO Wang Xiaofeng said ideal "Mount thanks to the establishment of an integrated three-dimensional model of green intelligent transportation" still some distance。 On the surface, friction thanks to frequent cycling operations overseas to show his face seemed to reflect the Mount worship vitality and innovation, but thanks to Mount bike market has started to share very different from the initial appearance。
We can say that thanks to Morocco's business is in a shared bicycle consume a lot of mental and physical tug of war。
Mount worship cycling dilemma: Passing, strategic risks related to recently shared bicycle big news is the price changes。 Share bicycle trip thanks to giant Morgan Stanley bicycle cancel preferential monthly card, monthly card recharge becomes from 1 yuan or 2 yuan per month and $ 20 per month package of 240 yuan。
The OFO also been a competitor at the end of 2017 on the abolition of free monthly card, monthly card price will be adjusted to 20 yuan。
Also from last year, OFO and Morocco have transferred funds thanks to the pressure causes the deposit is not returned in a timely manner of negative news。 Although rumors did not come true, but have been adjusted from the monthly card recharge amount this action point of view, today's high cost of operating industry has become a reality, thanks to friction and OFO must put a focus on profitability rather than seize on the market。 It also gives the outside world to convey a message, worship and Mount OFO has two default give up money-losing battle。 But even changing the operating strategy, Morocco thanks to now still unknown to many and challenges across。
First of all, we got hit long-term status quo。 Today in Morocco thanks to a shared bicycle industry is in the best position possible unstable period。
On the one hand, just won billion dollars to finance the old rivals OFO crazy expansion overseas, forming confront potential friction and worship, and even slightly better。 According to (Cheetah global think tank) released the "shared bicycle Global Development Report" shows that in the Chinese market, OFO week live% penetration rate; thanks to cycling to Mount%, OFO Overseas apply the latest week active penetration rate of% Mo Baihai outside version is%。
Although bigger overseas market development space, but thanks to friction with the OFO are in a foreign country is still facing a similar situation with the domestic, that is, from bicycle parking management and policy challenges of adaptation, such as man-made damage to the bike's behavior is still very common, thanks to Morocco OFO and brought great confusion。
On the other hand, the domestic form is fickle。
Unlike OFO, Morocco thanks to a return to normal ride price is still in the form of a Haro bike month discount card, the price advantage and Alipay blessing Harrow bicycle, although the industry is the youngest, and the friction worship, OFO is still a gap, but subsequent force might be better than the two predecessors。
Harrow recently announced the imminent launch of national free bet of news is a ripple, not to mention already on the user free of charge thanks to Morocco and OFO will not be loss of customers, but if Harrow continue to expand their territorial limits, then alone will lower prices and faster away from OFO domestic market share thanks to the hands and rub。
Secondly, there is the risk of the strategy。
Share bicycle to the present, has come to the platform and users are willing quiet trading, rather than price is king of the stage, chill of the air seems to have long dissipated without a trace, which makes friction thanks to firm up their own development strategies。 On the one hand, Moldova worship in the country is still optimistic about their own country, and OFO, Harrow, etc. expand User foster competition; on the other hand, thanks to Mount actively to sea, appeared to seek new opportunities。 In this seemingly perfect operating strategy, there are still some friction thanks to the possible risks。
First, transferred back to the regular price of friction worship, can you promise to customer loyalty?Mount worship before adjusting back to normal prices, certainly have not forgotten the other still take the preferential treatment of opponents and consider the behavior of users possible。 But the history of the struggle shared bicycle past the point of view, price and deposits are two very big factors。
Therefore, users switch to other platforms is what must happen, but the question of how much, but how much rub worship prepared for this negative pressure there?Secondly, burn out to sea to avoid the same problems as do domestic?In January this year, thanks to the latest round of financing Morocco took $ 1 billion。
Mount worship from the corporate philosophy point of view, the sea is a must, but fortunately there are also financial support, can not avoid burn。
But in fact, foreign competition environment is more complex, one shared by outsiders localization challenges, such as differences in cycling culture; the second is a shared bicycle policy variables across the foreign countries。 In China, Morocco worship were being interviewed and regulatory corny, for now, many countries still shared bicycle Luantingluanfang problem, thanks to friction but also provide a good solution yet?All in all, experienced Sheng Sijie shared bicycle market has not had to look like a gold rush, perhaps the Mount thanks to car-sharing into one of the key factors。