Japan's trade minister: the United States has repeatedly requested tariff exemptions Japan

  Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō (data plan) Japan's trade minister Hiroshige Sekō Friday (March 23), told reporters in Tokyo, the United States decided Metal impose tariffs on Japanese exports is a very unfortunate thing, but in Japan the retaliation could lead to free trade system crashes。 Japan has repeatedly asked the US exemption of customs duties, and will continue to do so。   Hiroshige Sekō said, know the US Trade Representative Lighthizer going to decide the final tariffs before the end of April and the exemption policy。 American industry is seeking exemptions for specific products, Japanese products have no alternatives, a high possibility of Japanese goods exempted。   Hiroshige Sekō said, do not think that will have much impact in Japan。 Japan will comply with World Trade Organization (WTO) provisions and will respond within the WTO framework remains unchanged。
  Hiroshige Sekō not say whether he had exchanges with Lighthizer today。