Yunnan Nationalities regional representatives proposed revitalization of rural road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul"

  (Two sessions review) proposed on behalf of rural areas of Yunnan minorities Zhenxing Road: industry "shaping" culture "casting the soul" Beijing March 18 (Reporter Hu voyage) the government work report this year suggested that "to adhere to the socialist countryside with Chinese characteristics revitalization of the road, accelerate the modernization of rural agriculture "。 How to ethnic minority areas to achieve rural revitalization?Yunnan delegation on behalf of a number of Weapon, to take a "competitive industries' shaping national culture 'casting the soul'" features Zhenxing Road。
  "Rural revitalization of industry is a pillar。
"National People's Congress, deputy director of the Yunnan Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee Luyong Yao believes, like ethnic minorities in Yunnan province, country to revive, first of all development of the industry。 The industry shall rise, you have to lay special cards。
  "In fact, Yunnan are relying on resources, vigorously develop the plateau characteristics of modern agriculture, tourism, national pharmaceutical and other special industries。
"NPC deputy mayor of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province Guo forward with endemic plateau Apple unveiled 'is the channel'。 He Zhaotong as an example, local experience, namely by developing apples, pepper, Tianma and other special industries, led many villagers to become rich。   In the National People's Congress, Yunnan Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture Governor Luo Ping view, ethnic minority areas to achieve the revitalization of the countryside, rural tourism plays a very important role。 Yunnan diverse natural landscape, rich national culture, the development characteristics of rural tourism, not only can improve the infrastructure, but also to stimulate the vitality and show out。   Luo Ping suggested that the development of rural tourism, to fight the "soil, wild, vulgar" three special cards: "soil" is the local flavor, "wild" is the original ecosystem, "vulgar" is the customs。 On the one hand conjunction with good ideas and standards to operate rural tourism, led the villagers to become rich。
On the other hand, we must strive to guide the villagers to support the agricultural characteristics of rural tourism development。
  Who has participated in the world's cultural heritage – the 15 representatives of Honghe Hani terraced traditional village style harnessing and development of the National People's Congress, Yunnan Construction Engineering Design Institute chief architect Du Xiaoguang believes that there is no cultural revitalization, there is no rural revitalization。 "Multi-ethnic province is the most valuable national culture of this wealth."。