A paper fleeting, similar dash

Different seasons, different encounter。But only one season for you。  When I think of the good spring, spring is over。So I wait for the arrival of summer。But the summer was a late child, I do not understand。So I look forward to the arrival of autumn, autumn is a sentimental girl, she comforted me feel very tired。But I still believe in love, so I started looking hard winter, but when I find her, only to find that she was too cold, she said, a big crowd, who it is who's savior?Everyone is not who's who。  I still do not go into her heart, can not melt her indifference。  Sadly in the night sky, I began to miss spring beauty, her tenderness, her romance, her vivacity, her talent。But the flying snow told me that everything can not go back。  To many years later I came to understand。The original Spring is my first love, first love only beautiful to miss, but it is difficult to co-renewal of their acquaintance……  So we should meet Thanksgiving, thankful way is to love each other with the most original love。Because, you might accidentally miss and you do not take life join together to east flow partner, it would be a kind of regret?  Do not easily believe in reincarnation at a leading edge continued burning energy, because the cycle itself is a sad vocabulary。If your heart really met the man in a big crowd, please do not easily rub shoulders。Because superficial, rather than passing eventually become subsumed。  If you meet the right people at the right time, please cherish each other, not because of quarrel and angry, not because of Sheng and impulse。Do not be overbearing to your party changes to your ideal appearance, not because of your dedication, let the other compromises。He died transitory man, who is not your darling stomach, how can you predict emotions?  If you meet the right person at the wrong time, please do not easily give up, to accompany the section of the road from each other, let each other less lonely, the next intersection, maybe understand that you expect that person is standing firm guard across from you。You are so persistent it was no easy time water。  Love does not need to sublimate, in the flat it seems great。  If true love to a dead end, do not hate each other because TA has been unknown to accompany you through a little rough。All have their own grief swallowed, do not apply to the other side of life left jade-like defects。  The most beautiful side to leave each other, the most elegant turn left to each other, and the last will leave a blessing to each other。Tranquil years, your memories will have fame or fortune。  This beautiful as if no time limit, at the time, but also outside of time。This is the most beautiful interpretation of love and sentiment to light hidden in the scenery attitude shallow become eternal history of the title page。  Even if fate dictates, finally we had to come to an end, I hope still bustling downtown after each other。  In the memories have not forgotten the occasion as also shown signs is so like the gentle, but also for how many years Minchun each other laugh。  But how many people complain crazy, how many people are hating on rivers and lakes?  As everyone knows who Regret, a total of Love, because love is born love, because love and hate, love to the depths party is crazy, love to the depths side to hate。  November 1, 2013 QQ: 1696361003