Bad news!The famous actor watching the World Cup sudden stroke to save died

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Nanfang Daily News (reporter / gold Zhu Xi) 17, Beijing time, according to the Egyptian news media, the Egyptian actor Mach Essam sudden stroke while watching the match Egypt and Uruguay, was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead on June 17 death。It is reported that there had been Essam stroke occurred in April 2014, and in a coma for several weeks。Essam is a famous Egyptian actress, according to friends description, he often practical action interpretation of "Style, regardless of family", that is, and whenever he would watch the football game。Egyptian team with the Uruguay game was the Egyptian team after a lapse of 28 years to return to the World Cup finals, Essam would not want to miss this event。However, the Egyptian team suffered in the match Uruguay lore, let Essam bit emotional, his friends, also Egyptian actor Idris said that when watching, Essam often violent reaction of the field he let the game too excited, so that abnormal physical condition。Although previously he escaped, but this time, Lady Luck did not favor Essam。After the incident, Essam was sent to the hospital, then the situation deteriorated, he was transferred to a specialist hospital。Two days later, after died Essam。It is reported that there had been Essam stroke occurred in April 2014, and in a coma for several weeks, this should stroke recurrence and emotional about his volatility。Idris took over the social platform accounts Essam, who spoke remind those who suffer from health problems on the social networking careful consideration to watch a football match, in order to avoid violent mood swings, leading to increased health risks。 Uncertainty football match fitness so many vulnerable people find it difficult to accept a lot of good physical condition often fans to watch the game online ridicule need JiuXinWan。Essam examples are not uncommon during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil also had the tragedy, a 69-year-old Brazilian fans watching the game at de Orville birthday scene that day, but shortly after the start of the game, Orville de la suddenly felt chest some pain, at halftime, he was the ambulance crew rushed to a local hospital, when arrived at the hospital, his heart had stopped, after she died。Also during the last World Cup, a young 25-year-old Suzhou because after several days stay up late watching lead to sudden death。Medical experts have warned that poor physical health people, especially those with heart disease, hypertension and other diseases, should try to avoid watching the fierce confrontation sports, in order to avoid excessive stimulation collapse。After all, the World Cup and then exciting, not as his own precious life。