Beijing Festival for the first time the site now sell unsold housing prices are no longer the urge to get to

Yesterday (February 28), after the Spring Festival Beijing market for the first time to sell two plots of land。Among them, from the Miyun limit room block before the shooting, because there is no sign the final unsold housing prices。Another case, Yongding Town, Mentougou comprehensive commercial financial services land only after the first offer, then the upset win by the West Beijing Financial Street + Landmark of the Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  In fact, this is just a microcosm of the recent Beijing earth beat market is clearly cooling。Statistical data from Centaline Property Research Center data show that as of now, the 2018 Beijing land transactions average premium rate was 12%, compared to 2017 24.33% significantly reduced, land unsold phenomenon is not the first occurrence。Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high on the "Daily Economic News" correspondent analysis pointed out that the market side, unsold land and overall performance of the industry changes in the market, suggesting that real estate developers face the difficulties and to the speed of tight cash flow problems。  Beijing land market, land unsold significant cooling at the end of it occur, by mid-2017 beat the market more soil is ending Liupai。  "A lot of land (to sell), the government agreed to a number of conditions very clearly, we will count your account balance。"Shimao Group and vice president Liu Hui, president of the North China region to" frankly Daily Economic News "reporter。  "Daily News" reporter combing found that the unsold land for the price of Miyun land, the land area of 5690.628 square meters, ground floor area of 13,658 square meters provisions, which also built free to move back to room 5684.19 m2。This means that only about 7974 square meters of residential real estate, housing sales price is not more than 21,215 yuan / square meter, the highest sales price shall not more than 22,276 yuan / square meter。  Centaline Dawei, chief analysts believe that the main reason for the unsold plots of land are small and also supporting the construction of which a large area of housing prices is the "cost" very low land。  It is noteworthy that, statistics from Centaline Property Research Center data show that, since 2018 (as of February 28th), Beijing soil beat market has four residential plots unsold。  For example, this year January 30 Beijing to sell three plots limit room, Fengtai District, a starting high as 63 billion involving home land by claiming no registration and the final unsold housing prices。The public sale of commercial land Mentougou also defines a 50% proportion of self-sustaining, the final upset win + WAB Street opposite Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from the premium rate, the Beijing land market in mid-2017 average premium rate of 24.33%。2018 average premium of land transactions was significantly lower, only 12% of。  There are indications that Beijing land market heat significant cooling。Dawei said that in 2018, Beijing has earth Homestead beat the market overall premium rate back to single digits, unsold residential land appeared four。And in the Beijing residential soil beat history, a total of 2018 there have been only 31 unsold residential plots。Current land property complex, as all comprehensive land price, housing price, total property room, etc.。  Housing prices are no longer blind to get to "last year began to increase land supply, housing prices also decision logic completely different。"Guo Yi analysis, said two years ago brand enterprises in Beijing to get to logic is there to compete for, at the time of acceptance of the premium is very high, then each take a piece of land to determine the brand of housing prices in the capital can not be We have the opportunity and space for sustainable development。  According to statistics, in 2017 Beijing land market annual turnover of 104 land, turnover of about 279.6 billion yuan, an increase of up to 225%。Among them, the residential land 71, a significant increase in land supply。Guo Yi pointed out some shortcomings of reserve land developer has received a lot of land reserves, sufficient land reserves in the status quo, to get to the power gradually weakened, developers began thinking about how to return the cash。Coupled with housing prices in recent years show a continued decline in the average profit margin status, increasing financial pressure。  From the financing point of view, 2018 is the most significant funds into the real estate trust to tighten。Dawei analysis pointed out that the trust funds into real estate suffered the impact of strict control under financial pressure housing prices began to emerge from the "930 Deal" began, the country's second-tier cities is tightly regulated。In this case, housing prices increasing financial pressure, although overall sales are still high, but let's use financial pressure to gradually increase, reduced the enthusiasm for non-premium plots。  For housing prices, financing costs increase, to lengthen the period of increased marketing costs, etc., are required to make at the time to get to the market value of the land precisely determine, once the market outlook is not optimistic, and get to develop cycle costs for various aspects of the capital chain housing prices will generate a lot of pressure。  "Because now Beijing already low profit margin development, coupled with the unsold land conditions may be slightly worse, certainly (difficult), but if you count this account to come, to do this, then。"Liu Hui in view, each a piece of land on the market must be determined by a series of estimates is worth attention。(Original title: low price after the holiday for the first time Beijing is now unsold land) (Editor: DF370)