About a romantic past

[REVIEW] That night we drink until late back to school, she was drunk, because late without a car, I carried her on foot for an hour before returning to school.Fortunately, she can still remember her dorm, or I really do not know how to do.  That morning after the last day of class after class, I went to the canteen from the school building, because people of Trinidad and Tobago lunch time, I had no desire to go with them line up, went herbs plantation between the classroom building and cafeteria to see, because it is lunch time, I am a person walking in the school of medicine plantation, medicinal plants usually look at those rare, driving some unusual flowers, quietly thinking, Chinese medicine is so mysterious, in experience learn from the best, to obtain some of the effects of certain plants, whereby for the prevention and treatment of disease, how our predecessors wisdom.I head down while walking, a crisp female voice in my ear and asked: “Students, do you know a school where you have supermarkets?”I looked up to see the past, wearing a lavender skirt woman standing in front of me, holding the hands of a stack of books, a flowing long hair until the waist.I adjusted her glasses, to see her very worried look, I easily pointed his finger to the left, he said: “there is a supermarket behind the army for student apartments.”See she said ‘Thank you’ and walked after hastily swept up.I shook my head, but also a late student, because we have to report to the school learning time will be September 10th, today is the thirteenth, only to find the supermarket holding the book, certainly nothing prepared.After half an hour I came to the canteen, you do not need to line up, it seems the students for dinner enthusiasm is very high, I ordered a rice and a green pepper pork in the window, looking for a piece in a corner table to sit down, buried ate.Soon, the opposite to a person sit down, and when I looked up, the man was surprised and said: “So it’s you!”So is that girl just asked me the way, I saw her dishes, only a small portion of rice and a vegetable.It seems now the girls want to lose weight.In because at the same table, very close, to see her face, oval face, big eyes, face reveals a warm, look around about twenty four years old.She was very talkative, sat down and saw that I had been asking questions, she asked me why I would be a solemn face?I Puchi laugh about, really difficult to answer this question, because I was born this way an expression, I told her that the body is innate, I am not to be cool, then when it comes to her own, she said, she the first half was graduated from school, assigned to the other side of a Ganzi County Hospital, this also places get over education, because to do some formalities in the unit arrived late on.She picked up a collection of essays on the table looked at me and said to me that she liked prose and asked if I could lend her the book to look at it?Eat while I nodded, she smiled and put her pile of books on the book inside.Then quietly ate.When I got up to put the dishes after dinner, she said, how do I return the book to?I said I was training a group of you into our classroom’ll find me, and then leave quickly.I wanted to escape.Because her voice is so sweet, I fear that they will be attracted to.    Afternoon I advance to the classroom, because of poor eyesight caused me to find a more forward position, in fact, I know, most of us are participating in the work of many years, it is difficult to stop and lectures, many students are come and collect credits, are punctual attendance every day school is basically its own way, only a few old professor’s class they want to behave yourself.So the first few rows of very few people to sit, have to go after the 34 rows.I sat there, watching some of the morning to do some notes, ear, someone asked me free this afternoon?My heart burst of agitation, is that familiar voice, I looked up at her, see her eyes reveal a trace of hope in the eyes, I quietly asked her, what is it you?She said, because they have a few people over there after the sign back in school does not have a familiar person, near the school and no fair, I hope the afternoon after school could take her to a nearby town to buy something.I am looking forward to be able to accompany her in the heart, they will be afraid and therefore her closer and closer to the time unable to extricate themselves, I still dizzy agreed to her request, she said to me the joy of his face, school after waiting for me downstairs.    That afternoon I had been by her side, but she is not a shopaholic, not how like shopping, just bought some items have life, when she put things under one roof, I say back to school.!She insisted to invite me to dinner, I could take her to thank.I also began to bear in mind and so she left, we sat down at a barbecue shop, ordered a fish and a few vegetables.She was coming a few beers, I was a little surprised, and asked her, do you like to drink?She said to accompany me to drink a little, I rely on the main task, which I listened to a little silly.She opened two bottles of drink to me that in this place there is no atmosphere to drink from a cup, and starting drinking bottle!I’m just dumbfounded, this is the girl you?How so heroic!I said to myself in my heart, I can not throw in the towel.So I picked up the bottle and clink her, she only needs a bottle of beer or two to drink, but I saw her eyes have a single teardrop.I do not know why, my heart a little pain.I comforted her, what do unhappy things?If you like this time I can accompany you.With these words, I suddenly do not understand why I would say, do I really tempted yet?    That night we drink until late back to school, she was drunk, because late without a car, I carried her on foot for an hour before returning to school.Fortunately, she can still remember her dorm, or I really do not know how to do, in her quarters downstairs, she was by the wall, he looked at me and asked my phone number, I took her phone in her bag and, the presence inside my number.Turned to leave, she hugged me from behind, my backhand patted her head, her hands apart, while leaving aside and said I wanted to give me a call.    Later, every afternoon she would me go downstairs for dinner, then walk together on campus.The weekend will go to town with the nearby school shopping, or the coachman to the city to play.So spent the entire semester training, leaving that night, I went back with her first visit to the house grill drink, she was drunk, or I carried her back to school in her dormitory the next, she rushed in my arms, after long, long time, I held her shoulders, on her forehead and gently kissed it, and said to her, forget me!I will miss you in my heart!Then he turned away, heard her crying, my heart waves of pain.Let the tears fall, I did not dare to cry, call out, pull out the card number, thrown into the wind, the mind or her figure, her ears still that sweet sound![Editor: Can children]