Female common mental habit seen little psychological

He needs to: always focus on the things you care about, such as the recent hit drama, concerts and other stars, he may not be interested, but can not understand, between the two men is not a common topic is very important for you。
How psychology and read minds understand a woman's heart often hear some men say, the heart of woman, sea needle; a woman's heart, misty cloud。
This means that a woman's heart unpredictable, elusive。
In fact, this is a big misunderstanding of a woman。 Woman's heart, if you read carefully, you will find "Harbor needle" shining brilliantly, "misty cloud" so beautiful。
Nagging woman, her home is run。 In most families, women love a nagging problem。 A reminder of her husband's, children's education, the financial situation of fear, even just for a meal consult meals, all accompanied by the hardships of expression with endless tongue to complete。
In fact, women are responsible for their family's endless chatter, this is their family business, the guardian of the family's emotional release。 If a man can fathom a woman's rebuke and the occasional unruly, very nice selection Echo。
Seemingly endlessly nagging Wang Wang would like springs Qinru Heart。 Women love to buy clothes, new is good。
Many men with emotion, the woman always buy clothes, but always complain about not any decent clothes, in fact, a woman said he did not have any decent clothes, not really expensive to buy, but only want to buy new of。 In their view, the new is good, can use the same money to buy more new clothes is more good news。
Easily jealous woman, full expression of love。
Once a woman married to his most beloved man, will wholeheartedly, to join together, through thick and thin love。 Their men can not love another woman dealings, not in front of her praise another woman, let alone enthusiasm for another woman。
As a man, if a woman is good to his friends, and that is to give yourself a long face。
The woman is not the same, exactly the opposite of their ideas, you are good to another woman, she will think you are interesting to them, and in this regard, women are most likely to be jealous of。 Common psychological wronged woman angry woman, men need to understand。 The face of pressure, need to think men and women need to talk。 Elsewhere a woman wronged, is bound to go home to talk to the man, complained。 Because only their men can understand and accept her unconditionally。 Then the man grabbed her talking points will give an appropriate response, let her feel your understanding of her sad and upset with her, she had a feeling of being understood。
Similarly, women have pressure disgruntled man to do is to learn to listen, you just quietly listening to her tell, listen to her cry, watching her smile through tears, things will be solved。 Do not remain indifferent, or make a woman more and more irritable, more and more dissatisfied with men, more and more frequently provoke war home。
Every family in the war, is on the woman's chest cut on the knife, then back and forth several times, women would severely injured, lost confidence in man。 In the eyes of a woman, a good man is not necessarily smart, handsome, does not necessarily have a lot of money, a good man is that you actually know her heart, and conscientiously for her sake。
A woman, even if you gave her a good physical condition, but the lack of understand her heart, she felt imperfect。
Many times, women do not need a whole lot of rich material conditions, they are more concerned about communication and spiritual comfort。 As a cup of coffee, even if it's valuable raw material again, but the lack of coffee mate, it will not be sweet。
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