(After XVI shot) Gunfire sounded

Sixteen, after gunshots April 6 in the morning 5:10, Shangyu Police Station Pavilion at the foot of Xiangshan, White Horse Lake last captured a suspect Xiaolin Ming.The same time was taken to the police station, Yiting Town, Shangyu Public Security Bureau, after some police interrogation, Xiangtan task force at 23 o’clock that night, three days ago by the Guangzhou to Ningbo 410 train departure from Zhuzhou railway station, Xiaolin Ming He was escorted back to Hunan Xiangtan awaiting trial.  410 train is still as usual, across the Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces, calmly back and forth between Zhuzhou and Ningbo, passengers still come and gone, he went on his journey.Can anyone know?Just two days before from dozens of large and small sites are among the Ningbo to Zhuzhou has received an urgent notice, a group of extremely brutal criminals carrying firearms and explosives being boarded the train tour 410, a serious threat almost two thousand passengers on board the safety of life and property.  And countless people along the railway guards, police heard moving, vigilant.  Since the beginning of 2000, Xiangtan City Yue Tong area have a group of criminal gangs Yang Liangshun, Yangwei Bing led by two brothers, a gun, a knife murder, robbery, damage, theft, evil.Members of the criminal gang have been arrested, except that the three main members were unable to capture.  At 23:03 on April days, Yang Liangshun, Yangwei Bing, Xiaolin Ming other three people go by train from the territory of Zhejiang, Zhuzhou.Front of the car, in Zhuzhou, Hunan police had intended to arrest the train station, but taking into account more than the people in the train station, can easily cause accidental injury, he was forced to abandon the original plan.Zhejiang Public Security Bureau after receiving the report, quickly set up a joint command, mobilized along the railway line 11 cities and counties thousand police and police officers entered the war.  At 10:00 on April 4 am, 410 times the trains entering the territory Zhejiang.The first train will go through the country town of squadrons of riot squad, has been quietly lurking to the country railway station set cabo control; 10:58, Quzhou detachment of armed police officers and emergency unit of embattled train station in the city of Quzhou.In Zhejiang, thousands of miles along the railway line, police officers and police officers who have done all the emergency preparedness.6:30 that night, 410 train route Shangyu train station stops.While the moment the train started, three suspects get off suddenly fled, the police quickly attack in Shangyu station, after two days and nights of continuous raids and eventually killed resisting arrest two suspects, arrested a man and seized three revolvers, bullet 28 hair.  The suspect Yang Liangshun, born in 1959, on suspicion of robbery in Xiangtan, Hunan, murder, assaulting a police officer and other major cases, resulting in two deaths and eight people wounded, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was killed by police.  Suspect Yangwei Bing, Yang Liangshun brother, Xiangtan in Hunan suspicion of robbery, murder, assaulting a police officer and other major cases, resulting in two deaths and eight people wounded, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was killed by police.  Xiaolin Ming suspects, many involved in criminal acts of the Yang brothers, fled the negative case to Shangyu, Zhejiang, was arrested, transferred to the court for trial.  At this point, a manhunt across Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, three provinces came to an end.  2000 June 7 morning, the Zhejiang provincial government held a celebration of the General Assembly in Shangyu, in recognition of units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the disposal of Hunan Province in gun homicide cases criminal gangs.  Shangyu, Shaoxing municipal government and the municipal government were awarded the prize to the Public Security Bureau and Shenzhen 500,000 yuan.  Minister of Public Security Jia Chunwang was read out to the signing of Zhejiang public security organs to arrest gunmen battle group in mind a first class, awarded Shangyu City Public Security Bureau police Lu Jiming two heroes title to the Public Security Bureau deputy director of Zhejiang Yong should remember personal second in command.  Zhejiang Provincial Government Order awards also a war of all police officers and police officers.  .