I would like to dedicate this post: graduating towards the posts society who xiaonianqing.<活>How a live Zile.You will live it?Do you know how to live it?Do you know what it is to live?.Wants to live must live, these words do you understand me?.Because live so live, phrase it; you can understand?.That survival activities, Life is flexible.There are live live live live there.Those are the words, the meaning of the different.Though you alive, but you really live it?Carefully taste it.Live, covering all things.Live, namely; sensitive, understanding, modifications, perception, knowledge of the time in a harmony.Someone said: regret in life is that (insisted should adhere to; to give up should not give up), who listened to this sentence is very classic, very reasonable; but the problem is, who can tell you how to confirm What is the stick, which is the abandoned; this is the essence, that is,<活>The soul.Sometimes stick when young dream, grew up after that is so ignorant.Want to live, you must be flexible.The results are struggles and dreams of a happy life, but the road is not the only one; you have to constantly track amendment of life, to change the original half-baked ideas; find a shortcut to success, there may be a direction to success; it You do not have to come in a black trail.Visionary, determined course and grasp the current, apply their knowledge, learn by analogy, pragmatic innovation; you can be happy living in the moment.Again, in order to live – must live.