(Original) Raising obsession beans and rice

Parents gave my first life, is you let me in despair reborn.  - Inscription I love you in the past.  You love my wounds.  Have you seen all of my files, I understand all the feelings.You as a loved one, in the text hear me cry smile, I see loneliness as injury.I became a kind of childish in your eyes, in your opinion, my unrequited love is gentle.  If you love someone, including love him (her) wounds of the past and, however noble such love!  You would not let me be lonely.  You would not let me fall.  You say that I am so young, should not be a lonely person, two people to properly communicate, get along, there is no inextricable knot.  What do you say to give up and not give up hope.Do not give up on themselves.Set goals, to change the environment, or from out of despair.  You make me strong.  You make me Prospects.  No matter what I do, you always support.I tell you there is hope as long as the firm struggles.The material is the basis for a happy life, we must work hard still young.  You taught me to learn to choose.  You taught me how to rise.  Put down something you say will not get something else, it is always a dilemma always fail to reach an aspiration.To know how to choose life, that you can not do both ways, but you can have a clear conscience.  You let me find a job, good to enrich themselves, not wasted youth, not upset Love.In your encouragement, I am in this July, and finally the rise in the decadent days.  During the day you accompany me to soak up the sun.  I reproach you with the stars at night.  Every morning, he wakes up to receive your information, but also than the alarm clock on time, never stopped six months.  Your information every day, the morning of my first record Sunshine.What kind of haze can not cover up the glimmer of hope; how bitter can not dilute the share sweet.  I was naive smile – how happy someone to love!  I remember the first night shift one day, you accompany me in the distance sleepless night.I do not know that such a love to be repaired several world to come?  True love will not degenerate.  The truth will never fade.  It is said that pure friendship between men and women, is that you change this common practice.Your love has turned into a family, never degenerate.Pure, no purpose of love, to such a long time, so clean,.  You love a person love her all the hope she flies happy, happiness, and not have obtained.  Since I met you and be reborn.My truth will never fade.  We have this love, nothing to do with love.  do not leave.  Love has into the heart.  Night is too short, too long to miss.  Read and see become a habit.  In this increasingly cold earth, with sincere phase pull.  Whose heart through the vicissitudes of life, who had tears Huan life?  Finally, the Xing Xing Xing Xing Xi.  Earth too thin cold, because of you warm.  This is how the world has such a good man?I can not believe.Dream like magic also deemed true.I hold, and what you warm, kind of tenderness, how sincere?  I am drunk, this life after life, my brother did not go.Accompany me until the end of life.  (Postscript: I would like this document to Mr. Liu Zhengbing.Long wanted to write an article for you, for various reasons, delays to today.And you, like a day for four months, helped me stick to push the novel circles every day.I want to say thank you!Also thank you to my blog Friends of Friends, for you are not lonely, as small as.)