(Writer election issue of) his father’s “money root”

In our case, the elders just before his death, always within its power to a younger generation who call it “money root” red envelopes.He became elders before his death, with one of the younger generation hope of sustenance.”Money is the root” and no matter how small, represents a means to show that you are his roots, and he has never pulled constantly intertwined roots.    I remember before his father died, he has been weak too difficult to speak.Mother listened to his father’s mouth for a long time, came to realize that his father calling upon the sons and daughters to his side.Several Xunji our brothers and sisters came to his father’s side, his father opened his eyes screwed up for several days, with only a faint almost swim gas, shaking his hand, wanted nothing out from the pocket of the shirt, the mother along father’s hand, took out five red paper.It turned out to be “the root of money”.Father, mother schematically distributed to us.At this point we understand more than anything, the Father and us goodbye, and that he left us, “Qian root”.We all saw at his side, we have seen clutching his “money root”, the father seem so calm and serene, smiled slightly, unable to put down the hand, as if to a faraway place like home Like calm.It was a little over a minute early autumn afternoon, in the afternoon, the weather is still hot, father Hanxiaojiuquan, completed his 71-year-old way of life.    Father of “Money root” package, thin, thin as a kind of Grottoes, unlike other people’s elders thick as hundreds of thousands of.Five each of his children.Palm back of the hand are his meat.But I do not know his father when the money is put into the inside pocket of his.Because we all know, my father never in charge of the home economy.After his father fell seriously ill from say, he has not left his bed.    End the evening to take care of his father’s funeral, we got together a few brothers, recalled his father’s last days and talk about their father again took took from the father to the “root of money”.Much money, are each two ten-dollar.We were surprised to find, it has faded red color on paper was more than half.On each one’s money, they are dying before his father’s pain that shed sweat soaked red with red.This shows that the father of the “root of money,” he had installed in his close-fitting underwear pocket.    I would like to know the money in the Father “Money root ‘came from.Shortly after his father died, my mother inquired tentatively, only that it was aware of his father after a serious illness before he could walk, he kept holding his two female goats, walking in the road more than a dozen find a seller, sold the goat.He told my mother that these money to keep it by him, as he later left the children’s “money root”.About the money later mother forgot, but do not know what time his father put into his coat pocket.    His father had died 14 years.Father of “Money root” still in my drawer locked intact, I have often turned out to gently caress a few.But I have sworn: no matter how poor, no money again, I would not have to spend money in the father that “money root”.Because on that “money root” of red paper and paper money, will never leave my father’s fingerprints and perspiration, leaving my father’s life gene, that is how much money to take will not lead to a real “root”.(1023 words) written in the evening of November 14 2014 Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province Yongfeng powered by Mail: 225 744 Su Baoda