Chrysanthemums do not spend more

Daisy is the world’s most diverse varieties of a species spend it!    Recently Fangcun flowers to the city’s largest wholesale market, will see the largest number of chrysanthemum.Listen to the person in flower, chrysanthemum bloom best on a number of “Blue Chrysanthemum”, and there are many varieties, accounted for most of the chrysanthemum.Daisy is not just the actual greenhouse artificial potted exclusive.A child will bloom everywhere in the fields, those are the numerous wild chrysanthemum, driving too casual and natural flowers.China is the hometown of chrysanthemum, a history of three thousand years of cultivation, there are more than fifteen hundred kinds of varieties.Poems about chrysanthemum is also retained the most ancient times, and may be capable of peonies, orchids, lotus and plum her shoulder, and other flowers to the rival, far behind.    I saw at a young age are those of ordinary chrysanthemum chrysanthemums, like marigold, chrysanthemum peacock, wild chrysanthemum flower kind of ordinary in the countryside is the most common, although they also daisy, chrysanthemum watch but also with real Tianrang the other, their beauty is natural beauty, simple beauty, and beauty is, after watching the selection and presentation of historical panning elegance and character, that is a person of high moral character incarnation of the spirit, is a Chinese quality symbol of.    I first met viewing chrysanthemum, or thirty years ago, that was when I Xuxi Zhen Director of Shenyang Municipal Government a bureau to work, we’ll retire at a carefully cultivated pots of chrysanthemums.Remember also this October, also after the frost, the day the Director Xu told us in the office, my home chrysanthemums especially lush this year, and if you have daisy-like, you can come to my house Shangju.When everyone clamored must see a daisy.In this season of autumn leaves, chrysanthemums really like the poem said: “I would rather hold fragrant branches of old, with no yellow leaves dance autumn wind” it?The next day happened to be a rest day, 10:00 more to the old house to watch the Commissioner Daisy with my colleagues and I.And so we arrived at where several of his colleagues had to.    At that time lived in the old Director simple five.Seventh floor, the top floor he lived on the sixth floor two-bedroom, two share a kitchen.When I stepped into their shared kitchen, a room so much I wanted to carve out what the point of it magical flowers?When I walked into the living room door, that feeling is not the same, although the two-bedroom, is actually north and south from the middle of a long room lined with a wall, Ann had a plywood.Two rooms are small, but very clean, the bed first feeling is much more than books, study, bedroom.The most eye-catching it is that people in near the window, in the sunshine, pots of chrysanthemums lightly different attitude exudes chrysanthemum tea, flowers that are exceptionally bright sunlight, like the shiny metal.    Colleagues are compact sunshine at, all cooing.I did not know chrysanthemum varieties, just I think that chrysanthemums beautiful, beautiful, plant and mountain daisy chrysanthemum plants is also not much difference, just spend the foliage is the same class of serrated blades , showing extraordinary beauty, that beautiful, beautiful quiet, beautiful and pure, beautiful and bright and clean.Director Xu remember to tell us the title and had the characteristics of these chrysanthemums, but was amazed at the beauty of those chrysanthemums, there is not even remember the name of the type of chrysanthemum, and my heart is one word: United States.Although only pots, but it seems to cover a lot of color, red, yellow, white, ink, purple, powder color.Flowers are numerous styles of large petals, pushing into spherical, with long silk Xu, the explosion fluffy.Different colors and styles in the midday sun coating, glowing mellow and delicate sheen.In the noisy crowd, the chrysanthemum is fragrant, light, non-line people, refreshing, but lingering in your soul.    Years later, I went back to Shenyang, once met with the Director of the Bureau Xuxi Zhen, I mention his mum, I said those chrysanthemums really beautiful, like a flower mold as has been engraved in my mind.The old, the Commissioner said, do you remember those chrysanthemum ah!I say remember.I asked the old Director now it also raised chrysanthemum?Director Xu said the family there are some, though for a big house, but not the original Daisy so much.I was to produce a Legend: If plain Jane heart, Rendanruju.Director old is such a person of high moral character, like bamboo in general, honest and approachable calm, like a chrysanthemum as indifferent to fame and fortune of honor, with their dedication and hard one, to win their rightful place.    A person is a flower!A flower can symbolize a class of people.In ancient Chrysanthemum has been a symbol of the hermit who.Under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain, it has been longing for the realm of literati.    Rather, I was careful study last fall chrysanthemums come from, it is going to participate in the autumn Canton Fair Complex, in front of various fairs are filled with a variety of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is leading these 1000-ju, these 1000-ju has a light yellow, off the money, new red varieties, like the greeter stood there with a smile.Watch chrysanthemum plants are of wood, they are able to stand upwind.Further those colorful daisy into a variety of geometric shapes, forming a dense array of chrysanthemums, the most common flat circle white daisy petals like Crochet pen drawn circle as the outside.I used the camera to record their light shine.With light flowers may be an exaggeration to describe, but when you see a piece of bright chrysanthemums, you would use to describe these in light chill of autumn blooming chrysanthemums.Daisy, in the fall, getting cold in this world really is a much enamored of flowers, with their proud and bursting out of the most stubborn attitude and the most tender and beautiful colors.    Many species of chrysanthemum, distinguishable way too many, in fact most of our daily viewing chrysanthemum flowers or in color and shape to distinguish, as for other researchers who are professional classification task.Chrysanthemum most abundant color, red, yellow, white, ink, violet, green, orange, pink, dumplings, lilac, light green, etc., covering almost all the colors and color, and green color precious ink and chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum , two-color and color of the flowers is very precious, there is duplicity of color “red gold back” and have white spots on lilac petals “deer”, discolored different colors of early late “too true map” excessive color chrysanthemum is endless.Therefore, most researchers now no longer classified by color chrysanthemums.    We usually refer to the color of chrysanthemums, or chrysanthemum flowers, is not a simple flower, a chrysanthemum is composed of many ray florets and disc-shaped flower composition.Ray florets for the female flowers, because different varieties can be simple to complex rounds round composition, colorful and bright, and the soul is the main color of flowers.Tongue-shaped petals divided into flat, spoons, tubes, four abnormal.These different types of petals and because univalve plena, flat spherical, long short Xu Xu, Xu Ping Xu volume, hollow solid, straight sagging divided into different categories.Disk (Fa) is a cylindrical flower, Small, cylindrical flowers hermaphrodite flowers.Tubular flower, which is what we commonly known as the faceplate, is developed into color, “Anemone flap”, cylindrical colors are red, yellow, white, purple, pink, the color, between color and other colors, these fun colors without exception, spit in golden yellow flower, like simple sweet-scented osmanthus, reveal the fragrance.    Daisy hermaphroditic, and normally I could seed, but rarely strong enough to be under natural conditions, because the periphery of the ray florets are mostly infertile, whereas the middle tubular flowers earlier than the stamens and pistil mature, which resulted in chrysanthemum “self-infertility ‘.    I’m still here chrysanthemum color to describe the beauty of chrysanthemums.Daisy commonly referred to as goldenrod, yellow is the color daisy chrysanthemum in most, people in the private sector is also a favorite golden chrysanthemum, so also known as yellow chrysanthemum, Huang Hua, life and other passengers, in the myths and legends of yellow chrysanthemums auspicious , meaning longevity.The frequency of the most golden chrysanthemum appeared in poetry, the most ancient poetry is the description of Huang Ju, “The Book of Rites?Articles on order, “the month of the season, there are Huang Ju,” “The Book of Songs” in the capacity of “self-Bo East, first as canadensis.Qi Mu-free cream?Who is suitable “(Peng, it was explained that one kind of wild chrysanthemum), Qu Yuan’s” falling toward the drink Mulan Xi Lu, fallen evening meal Chrysanthemum, “Tao Yuanming ‘The Story of Qiu has good color, its drop-Yi Lu Ying’ this posture pregnant Chen Xiu, Zhuo under frost kit “, Huang Chao ‘sky Chang Hong lens array, Curse of the Golden Flower’, FanChengDa” Lonesomeness Tori wet Revlon, according to the former gold dimple (YE) as sand “, Shuzhen ‘would rather hold fragrant branches of old, with no yellow leaves dance autumn wind’, Liu Yuxi ‘families do Huang Ju, liangyuan alone frost’, Bai’s” chrysanthemum tulip flower garden, there are solitary clump color like cream, “” Ju Tori only cold, golden chestnut open early dawn clearer ‘, Qingzhao’ Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly than yellow of thin ‘.US chrysanthemums have done in the ancient poems of years, they have been in full bloom in those enchanting and elegant mood inside.My favorite this shiny gold color chrysanthemum, goldenrod if together into one, in the chill of autumn is more dazzling, people saw a warm heart, could not help but lament this lone bright standard section, do elegant cream colors of life and attitude, chrysanthemums to open in late autumn, another brilliant night, Blair said Lengxiang.    We generally common ornamental white daisy chrysanthemum mostly white hair, such chrysanthemums are known to ice, reminiscent of Brigitte Lin’s White Witch, ice, cold, cold conditions.Chrysanthemum petals of white hair, mostly tongue-curling radioactive Fei Xu, tongue-like petals, like tentacles stretched in different directions, seemingly chaotic, but was harmonious unity in the receptacle, white-haired lion, white pine needles are like their alienation these names also make people more vividly rich association.White Peony petals tongue is shorter, and was uniformly surrounded with surround-like, open after scattered petals can be loosened.White flowers with green, or white with yellow flowers, their petals like a flower, like a needle, no longer presents a tongue, has been distorted, curled flowers appear sharp, even curl, but also stubbornly straight trunk, and both direction has been curled, eismowe Zhu Bo, white curtains and other strains are they good name.I could not but admire here, Chinese poetry, Chinese can only contain so many poetic to describe a white chrysanthemum in China and the US.    Yellow and white chrysanthemums are the most common colors, the most common and purple and red chrysanthemums.Other colors of chrysanthemums are more color variants and Romance.In describing the color chrysanthemums, I found only color to describe chrysanthemum, really wrote the United States is not clear chrysanthemum, there still have to describe in detail about the shape of a daisy, chrysanthemum reason why the United States fascinated people, in addition to color, but also because of her enchanting mix.I know here in conjunction with the usual and to gather knowledge, describing in detail what attitude chrysanthemum, chrysanthemums are a lot of knowledge of previous achievements, I’m just a trimmer and turn those complaints.According chrysanthemum flowers and flower-shaped tongue prosthetic classification can be divided into flat flap, spoon flap, flap tube, Gui flap, flap abnormal five, too We have already outlined.    The flat petals class is relatively flat petals of a class, which is the most common of those ordinary chrysanthemum, handsome, a hermit who is a recluse.Broadband type of ray florets wide and flat, there is a simple one to two petals, for straight or flat ribbon sagging, discoid flower golden exposed, such as “handsome flag”; lotus type, like lotus petals tongue, three to six as containing Guanyin hand hold, discoid bloom when exposed, such as “too liquid pool charge”; peony type, ray petals almost equal, direct extending outer petals, petal inner radial holding rope, discoid scarce, bloom or twilight when not exposed, such as the “green Peony”; flat disc type, multi-petal tongue wheel to wheels, narrow petals linear ramp flat, outer flap length, while the inner layers of shortening the flap wheel, the whole flowers slightly flat top, such as discoid, normal heart flowers, Banlu or not exposed, such as “red” bloom time; rolled type, multiple rounds ray petals, occasional narrow spoon flap, varus revolute, rare discoid , when not exposed bloom or twilight, such as “YongShou ink”; ball stack, multiple rounds ray petals, outer flap with a spoon flap valve or tube, the inner wheel arranged closely arranged, row upon row spherical, or loose semicircle , inside or out hold hold, discoid rare, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “West Wing to be on.”.    Spoon petals class is like the petals of a daisy like spoons, petals frontispiece effect, can undertake dew.Spoon Dutch type, arch-shaped spoon flap one to three, the whole flower neat top-flat or slightly spherical shape, or a few normal heart flowers, the heart exposed, such as the “ink Unicorn”; Buxus type, ray florets to multiple rounds of wheels, outer flap for straight narrow spoon, spoon the expansion of the bottom end flap of the mouth, such as Buxus pointed end, or developed heart flowers few, such as “siskin”; honeycomb, several rounds of ray florets, short spoon petals, whole flowers are spherical , various short flap almost vertical, neat, mitral valve is exposed as a bell mouth shape, such as a cellular-width, such as “Silver snowball”; rosette, ray florets key flap rounds, outer long and short inner ring, the inner hold form of rosette shaped bloom when exposed discoid or twilight, such as “too true smile”; bulk volume type, multiple rounds ray florets, mostly elongated narrow flat spoon flap or flaps, the inner ring crimped, the holding or hold bulk , and flowed over the long outer, outer bulk volume, discoid bloom when exposed or twilight, such as “geese”; spherical spoon, spoon ray florets flap, the flap between a flat, multiple rounds, neat, petals in the song, encircle the outer spherical or drooping, discoid rare, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “peach fairy dew”.    Class pipe valve is crimped petals independence such as tubes, inside and outside a single flower color and some color, some for the color. Single-tube type, ray florets one to three, the thick straight, arch occasional hook spoon flap, four radiation such as light-shaped, heart flowers developed, the short curved flap wheel, like necklaces, such as “Yuemingxingxi” ; quill-type, multi-round ray florets pipe valve, straight tube, inner and outer rings nearly as long, discoid scarce, such as the “yellow pear”; disc-shaped pipe, tube flap rounds ray florets, outer for straight and long, curved inner wheel and the inner short, discoid scarce, such as “rising sun”; pine needle type valve tube ray florets rounds, direct elongated, discoid rare or absent, when the bloom is not exposed, such as “white pine needles”; sparse tube, the tube valve ray florets rounds, osteoporosis, outer nearly as long, discoid scarce, such as “thousand feet waterfalls”; tube type, ray florets tube rounds flap, curved multi-head, hold the rotating spherical, disk-like flower scarce or absent, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “yellow Kui (Kui) dragon”; silk hair, ray florets pipe valve thin tube, long and drooping, discoid spend scarce or absent, when the bloom is not exposed, such as “feet curtain”; flying type, ray florets flap loose tube, outer long flowed over, holding the inner ring becoming shorter, such as “cinnabar Kuilong”; shackle Type, ray florets tube valve, there is between the spoon flap, flap flat, multi-round, annular curved tip, or hold the outer hold, drooping outer, substantially disk-shaped, or twilight when exposed bloom, such as “Jasper hook disk “; penetration bead type, ray florets tubules curled beaded tip, the outer long, Stretch, or sagging, the inner wheel short, discoid scarce, not exposed in full bloom, like ‘beads down’; needle type, ray florets rounds, fine hook main pipe, four for straight or drooping, flower rare or absent, the heart does not bloom when exposed, such as “Sunfire”.    Gui flap class is discoid spend more prominent category, this type of chrysanthemum flowers with discoid main tubular spit sweet-scented osmanthus flower like flower.The ray florets are dispensable degenerate into petals, ranking as the protagonist contrast position.Pinggui type, ray florets one to two flat flap, discoid significant tubular, semicircular ridges exhibit some, such as “silver plate Anemone”; Gui key type, ray florets one to two spoon flap , discoid significant highlight, showing a tubular stars, such as “Buxus Anemone”; Gui-type tube, pipe valve ray florets one to two disk-shaped flowers significantly, showing a tubular stars, such as “Cinnamon moon”; Quangui type, all the petals Gui flap.  Abnormal valve type, is a deformity ray petals become class.Talon type, ray florets pipe valve, between a flat valve, the tip was broken Talon, disc or significantly rare flowers, such as “Avalokitesvara”; glitch type ligulate flat flap, flap or spoon valve tube, at most one wheel, with the flap burrs, discoid rare or significant, such as “Mago watched in delight”; shearing type, short flap width, crack tip, such as the “yellow shearing”.    So many types of chrysanthemum people looked dizzy easily, in fact, mastered the five basic types of chrysanthemum flower petal tongue, you almost know the kind of chrysanthemum.When we appreciate daisy, chrysanthemum species is not considered on weekdays, but only that they care about the quiet beauty, pleasing to the kind of long, this beauty can produce a pleasing look Claustrophobia in a person’s psyche joy.Chrysanthemums should open in Dong Tao Yuanming, opened in Huang Chao Chang, the enemy opened in Meng Haoran woman in the town, opened in Qingzhao “Zuihua Yin” in.When cold wave is about to hit, I saw in the Fangcun Flower Market patches of blooming chrysanthemums, chrysanthemum also saw some never seen before, stroll among the flowers, one by one to watch, control those poetic nickname, there is a met the enemy to take the hint and joy, he was met soul and the soul, a life of chance and necessity.In this tumultuous era, to make their life and mind of opening a kind of noble and aloof chrysanthemums bar!    October 28, 2015