Secluded rendezvous at the lobby.

  To deceive the public, Cheng did not dare to double the delay time, bluntly asked: “What floor?”
  ”Ten House.”The man cautiously replied:” Room No. 8.”
  ”.”True to open room?
  Cheng Shuangqiang remain calm, nodded: “OK,.Nothing happened, did not have to talk to the.”
  Cheng double-take the elevator up, looking at the lone figure outlined in the inner wall of the elevator, and I feel strangely calm hand.
  Stars can not be derailed.No reason.
  If she did not like her, and what she is willing to take the time to deal with every night, she wanted to stall a variety of reasons.She must direct mention broke up.She is not clear-cut man.
  Elevator stops layer 10, a door slamming open bite.
  Cheng double stood still for a moment in the elevator, this step should not hesitate to step forward.Seeing the elevator door shuts again, in desperation, she hurried out of the elevator.
  To have come, then go and see.
  Did not how effortless, Cheng dual caught a glimpse of the house number 8, she guess this is not an act of God, approached to go.
  Good thought the grounds here, do not know what to say when open, the double drive recklessly pressed the doorbell.
  This opens the door to wait for a few seconds, she finally realized she was