Dazzling fireworks into the sky, explode in the mirror on the lake.

  One after another, continuous, as if the whole sky can all illuminate general.
  Everyone standing in the hall, look out the window of fireworks, I feel beautiful, one face was beaming with joy look.
  Fireworks put a full ten minutes was quiet at the same time, the hall lights light up again.
  Fortunately, leaves white villas are spacious enough, or else really filled to overflowing so many people.
  Everyone will get out in front of the road, a man dressed in chef to promote a long dining car, dining car stood on top of dozens of large Haiwan, which are installed in each Haiwan bowl full of wine.
  Dining car passing in front of people, when everyone reach for a Haiwan, a dining car that will eventually be sent to the front lobe white.
  At this point most of the middle lobe white standing in the restaurant, stood beside a just cut the cake, the crowd below expectant eyes, pick up a Haiwan.
  Xue Dalin face became very ugly, it was supposed to be the location of East Brother, you are a kid actor, actually dare end wine?
  You are not afraid of you blame the East Columbia?
  Not to mention the East Columbia, that is, the presence of any one of them crush crush the leaves are like white ants Jane